Pluto III Marcella NT 1

by Kit Young Knotts
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Mouse was the genetic twin of my beloved Marc, 30 years his senior. He was produced by nuclear transfer by Dr. Katrin Hinrichs at Texas A&M University and brought into the world at the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital May 5, 2010.

Mouse meets Marc May 19. >

Though Mouse had a difficult start to his life, you'd never know it at six weeks of age. He was a healthy, stout, fearless, sweet, social baby.


Mouse died just before his third month birthday, from a badly twisted small intestine with few symptoms and no hope. It was not before he packed our lives with as much joy as most people have with their horses in a lifetime.

He was smart, funny, athletic and oh-so-loving. Being scratched all over was his favorite thing, though his toys, granola bars and snoozing in the sun were high on the list too. We miss him more than words can express.


The Story of Mouse was chronicled extensively in words, still images and videos. Mouse 1M
For shorter downloads Mouse 1 | Mouse 2 | Mouse 3 | Mouse 4 | Mouse 5

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