Hondo's Shanadoah
by Kit Young Knotts - Click images to enlarge
  Though not my first horse, Shane was the first one to influence my life. When I kind of inherited him at about age 10, he was mean as a snake and sweet as a lamb, switching in a heartbeat. A foundation Appaloosa stallion, his looks were classic and gorgeous.

Shane's temperament was a challenge but changed greatly when he was moved to a facility where he could be turned out every day, coincidentally only a few doors away from where the horses live now. He was (and probably remains) the most expressive horse I have ever known. He spoke with his eyes, body, voice, whatever it took to get his ideas and feelings across, and look out if you didn't listen.

My desire to learn how better to interact and communicate with him sent me to take riding lessons, first western, then huntseat, and before long dressage. 


Even though I soon turned to a breed and type more suitable for dressage competition, Shane continued to teach me and many others about listening and riding.

On his 30th birthday, we invited special friends from throughout his life to celebrate with us. Shane performed an exhibition to music that included lateral work and tempi changes. Within a few months a heart problem necessitated his retirement from active work and he died within a year. I did not mourn him as he lived long and well.


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