Nelumbo (Lotus) Image Galleries

Lotus Cultivar Gallery Complete (600K)
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Lotus Species Images

Lotus - Sprout To Bloom In Images


 Galleries by Photographer

Perry Slocum's Lotus Gallery
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Hideshi Sobue's Lotus Galleries 

Werner Wallner's Nelumbo Galleries 

N. 'Siska Kurniawan' by Richard Harlan 

Lotus Images by Billy Bates

 Perry's Water Gardens, Franklin , North Carolina
Images by Bill Cherry

The Clyde Ikins Collection Lotuses (Nelumbo) Complete Gallery (200K)
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Lotus Images by Christian Meyer

Diversity of Seedlings in a Single Cross of Nelumbo
by Christian Meyer

 Li Shujuan's Galleries of the Xi'an Botanical Garden
Collection in WGI ONLINE Journal 2.4

 Lotus Names

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