Checklist of
Lotus (Nelumbo) Names

by Kit Knotts

Photo by Hideshi Sobue

What follows is a list of more than 800 lotus names. If you would like to help with additions and corrections, send them to

All names in this list belong to Nelumbo Adanson (Fam. 2: 76, 582. Jul-Aug 1763), so the N. that should be at the beginning of each entry is left off for brevity. Most names are transliterated from Chinese, many according to the Pinyin System. Spelling, including transliteration, has been corrected to the original publication and misspellings are not included. Those cultivar names which are "published and established" in accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) are expressed in BOLD. Those Names/Epithets which do not appear to be "fixed" are expressed in plain type.

Immediately following the Name/Epithet of each cultivar in this list is its type and color when known and its principle use: F=flowers, S=seed, V=vegetable. If an image is available it is linked with Im. If multiple images are available a Gallery is linked with ImG. Each entry contains the following underlined abbreviations. Available information follows each code:

O = Originator or Introducer, DO = Date of Origin, OP = Original Placement, AP = Author of Publication, P = Publication, VNP = Volume, Number, Page, PD = Publication Date, SCN = Synonym, Translation, Correction, Notes

Where available, translation of names is provided as a matter of interest and MUST NOT BE SUBSTITUTED for the correct names in their original language.

Special thanks to Li Shujuan, Xi'an Botanical Garden in China, for providing transliterations, descriptions and translations of Ni Xueming's Lotus of China, 1987, the baseline reference for Chinese cultivar names.

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