The Whybrew Family's
Lotus Growing Adventure
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By Walt Whybrew - Click images to enlarge

I received six seeds from Babs Ellinwood (May 17, 2002) after accepting the lotus seed offer on the Victoria-Adventure web site. My wife also dug up three seeds she had received about three years ago. Starting on about June 1st I followed the seed starting directions found on Victoria-Adventure. Seven of the nine seeds started very quickly and the remaining two never germinated (one from the new batch and one from the three year old batch). Page 1

The lotus in November of 2002 with the pads held out of the water 12" to 16". >



< Lotus in January 2003 after the 30F night, our coldest night here in Palm Bay, FL.



Lotus after recovery from the winter freeze, March 13th, 2003. Hopefully the next picture I send will be a flower. >


< April 13, 2003, we have a bud!



April 26, 2003 - This is the first flower from our lotus seeds started May 2002. We had a pretty strong hail storm yesterday and I think the flower got a direct hit before it opened and so a few petals are damaged right at the tip. I guess this is the conclusion of the The Whybrew Family's Lotus Growing Adventure unless another color flower shows up. >>>>


 May 25, 2003 - Two more colors, two more pictures!

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