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Our email discussion list is open to everyone interested in water gardening, from novice to expert. We hope you'll join! The list has no commercial content, and no ads or spam accompany or result from joining or participating. Addresses of list members will not be released to anyone.

Subjects include notice of new items on the Victoria-Adventure and WGI web sites, questions and answers, general discussion about anything water gardening, pictures from members etc. No subject is too basic and no question is silly. We are all here to learn from each other.

We have a few rules:

If you wish to subscribe, membership in Water Gardeners International (free with no strings attached) is required.

Be polite please. You will find that list members are very kind and willing to share information.

No pseudonyms. It is our practice to sign postings with our real names and we expect the same from you.

If you are in a water gardening related business, feel free to refer to your business name in postings or add a URL after your signature but please don't commercialize it.

We ask that no member try to sell anything, buy anything, trade or solicit in any way in email to the list. If you want to offer something for free, you may do so. You may offer information about books and products you have found useful as long as you have no vested interest in their success.

Please limit attached image size to 80K and one per mail out of respect for members with slower computers or servers with low limits. If you want to share several images, send them in several mails.

Post from the email address you subscribed with. Since this is a closed list, submissions are only accepted from subscribers.

Because of the way mailing lists work in cyber-space, we ask that you keep your email address current and your mailbox checked regularly. If your mail bounces back to us for more than a few days, we will unsubscribe you and you will have to resubscribe. This policy helps prevent delayed and lost mail for other members.

We strongly suggest that you have good virus protection and keep it updated weekly. It's an awful feeling to inadvertently spread a virus through a list you enjoy.

To subscribe to the mailing list, write providing your name, complete mailing address and email address. If you are not a member of Water Gardeners International, your free membership will be entered and confirmation of both the discussion list and WGI membership will be sent within 24 hours. Details of how to post to the list will be included.

If you want to unsubscribe, write Please don't write the list. A link to this page appears on most text pages on this web site.

Kit Knotts, List Manager -

Rainer Gaide, Archivist -

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