Dr. Jeff Osborn
Truman State University
Missouri, USA




Does anyone see a relationship here? Could it be that Dr. Jeff Osborn is as multi-faceted as the tetrad pollen he came to "Paradise" to collect and study? We say yes!

Jeffrey M. Osborn received a B.S. with honors from Southwest Texas State University, where he majored in Biology. He remained at STSU to complete an M.S. in Botany. He then earned a Ph.D. in Botany from Ohio State University. His doctoral research was supported in part by grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), Sigma Xi, and Ohio State. During his final year as a doctoral student, he served as a University-wide Presidential Fellow and received the R. Butler Award for outstanding Ph.D. research, teaching and service in Botany.

Jeff joined the faculty of Truman State University in 1991, where he currently serves as Associate Professor of Biology. Truman is the statewide, highly selective, public liberal arts and sciences university of Missouri. He has spent research leaves from Truman at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the University of Alberta, the University of Kansas, and conducting field work in Antarctica.

Jeff and his students conduct research in the broad area of plant evolutionary biology, studying both fossil and living plants. The majority of their work considers evolutionary relationships among gymnosperms and angiosperms based principally on the study of pollen morphology and development. He is also interested in pollination biology, including the evolution of pollination mechanisms and the functional role that pollen plays in particular syndromes.

Jeff's research at Truman has been supported by the NSF, J. William Fulbright Foundation ("Unusual pollen development in the lotus: A key to unraveling an important mystery of this sacred plant"), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Petroleum Research Fund-American Chemical Society, Botanical Society of America, International Water Lily and Water Gardening Society ("Aperture development in lotus pollen (Nelumbo)"), and several intramural grants. He has received the Outstanding Researcher Award from the Kirksville Chapter of Sigma Xi. Dr. Osborn has mentored numerous undergraduate research students, and he has authored/co-authored 27 research articles, 48 published abstracts, and several book reviews

As if he didn't have enough to do, Jeff currently serves as the Program Director and a member of the Executive Board of the Botanical Society of America (BSA). As BSA Program Director, he coordinates and plans the scientific and educational program at the annual 'Botany' conference, which draws approximately 750 presentations and 1,200 registrants each year.

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