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My mother's French family has lived in Trinidad for two hundred odd years and my father's Irish side for about 70 years. I am 52 years old and have been married to the same great lady, Susan, for 27 years. We have four wonderful kids ranging in age from 28 to 13. I am an avid sailor, conservationist and staunch Catholic.

I graduated from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, majoring in marketing. In my current job I am the Executive Manager of Resort Developments, Angostura Ltd. The parent company makes Angostura Bitters and is also the largest rum producer in the English-speaking Caribbean.

One of the projects in which I am involved is a 750 acre environmentally integrated resort in Tobago which has 14 lakes on it. I am landscaping one of the lakes in particular, trying to make it the most special and unique on the development. That's how I ended up hunting for Victoria and it will be the highlight of this pond.

 I have been an avid aquarist for the last 40 years. In recent times I have been collecting and growing tropical underwater plants which I fertilize with CO2. I plan to use this method with Victoria seedlings. I currently have five small ponds at home.
We found these waterlilies growing in a Tobago reserve, many miles away and up a river by canoe. They have been tentatively identified as N. lotus and N. pulchella.


 "Kevin's Pond"
soon to be filled with
Victoria amazonica

See how Kevin's Pond has developed in the cover story of
WGI ONLINE Journal 2.2

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