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This section is perhaps our favorite on the site, past, present and future. Here we join with water gardening friends from around the world to offer a wide variety of information and images from many different points of view and locales.

The people represented here are uniquely talented and interesting individuals, writers, photographers, artists, hybridizers, collectors, scientists and just plain pond nuts, all with the common bond of a love for water gardening, a desire to learn and a desire to share knowledge. We invite contributions and suggestions for "more than links".

The presentation is as varied as the people involved but we begin each one's pages with a profile of them. Then we will link to their articles, photos and web sites. We hope you enjoy our friends as much as we do!

Newest Profiles -

  Renowned Waterlily & Lotus Hybridizer
Huang Guozhen
QingDao, China 

  Lotus Lover and Researcher
Warner Orozco-Obando
Costa Rica & USA

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 Main Introduction to the section and newest profiles
 Page 1 > K.K.Agrawal (India), Guillermo Angulo (Colombia), Michael Avishai (Israel), Nan Bailey (Australia), Billy Bates & Steve Kennon (Mississippi USA), Dieter Bechthold (Germany), Lou Belloisy (Connecticut USA), Karine Belotti (France), Norman Bennett (United Kingdom), Mauro Bergamo & Manlio Calvisi (Italy), Kathy Biggs (California USA) Dr. Monroe Birdsey (Florida USA), Dave Brigante (Oregon USA)
 Page 2 > Jessica Clements (Texas USA), Marilyn Cook & Helen Nash (Indiana USA), David & Mary Cook (United Kingdom & Kenya),  Nedra Crow (Missouri USA), David Curtright (California USA), John Dawes (United Kingdom & Spain), Pol Detienne (Belgium), Barbara & Larry Earl, (California USA), Duane Eaton (Texas USA), Babs Ellinwood (Florida USA), Mobola Eogbogbo (Nigeria), Chris Farmer (France)
 Page 3 > Derek Fell (Pennsylvaina USA), Raffaele Ferraro (Colombia), Soni Forsman (Minnesota USA), Bill Frase (Florida USA), Rainer & Suwanna Gaide (Thailand), Jacques Gerber (South Africa), Theo Germann, (Germany), Byoung Sup Ghill (South Korea), Hai Tran (Georgia USA), Danny, Noa, Tsafi and Haim of Hazorea Aquatics (Israel), Dr. Barre Hellquist (Massachusetts USA), Bill Heritage (United Kingdom), Aaron J. Hicks (Arizona USA)
 Page 4 > James Horne (Canada), Clyde Ikins (Texas USA), Huang Guozhen (China), Jaewon Jung (Korea), Kevin Kenny (Trinidad & Tobago), Angelika Kern (Austria), Tamara Kilbane (North Carolina USA), Kenneth Khoo (Malaysia), Emilio Latorre (Colombia), Andre Leu (Australia), Li Shu-juan (China), Pablo Maccor & Soledad Dethiou (Argentina), Carlos Magdalena (United Kingdom), Tim Matson (Vermont USA), Renata Mazzini (Brazil & United Kingdom), Christian Meyer (Germany), John & Mary Mirgon (Colorado USA)
 Page 5 > Fernando Molina O.M. (México), Alan Montour (Maryland USA), Tom Naylor (Florida, USA), Charlie Northcroft (Australia), Warner Orozco-Obando (Costa Rica & Alabama USA), Dr. Jeff Osborn (Missouri USA), Walter Pagels (California USA), William Phillips (Tennessee USA), Craig Presnell (Florida USA), Andreas Protopapas (Cyprus), Angel Rodriguez & Carla Black (Panama), Patti & Doug Rose (California USA)
Page 6 >  Rich Sacher (Louisiana USA), Fernando Santos (Venezuela), Linda Siler (Missouri USA), Bernardette da Silva (Venezuela), Dick Sloan (Arkansas USA), Perry Slocum (Florida & North Carolina USA), Hideshi Sobue (Japan), Pairat Songpanich (Thailand), Josh Spece (Iowa USA), Pam Spindola (California, USA), Janice Mason Steeves (Canada)
Page 7 >  Sean Stevens (Canada), Dr. Kirk Strawn (Texas USA), Steve Stroupe (Alabama USA), Joe Summers (Missouri USA), Philip Swindells (United Kingdom), Daike Tian (China and USA), The Tierneys (Australia), Charles B. Thomas (Pennsylvania USA), Mike Thomas (Colorado USA), Tyler Tippin (Florida USA), Joe Tomocik (Colorado USA)
Page 8 > Piers Trehane (United Kingdom), François van Avondt (Belgium), Jamie Vande (Germany), Werner Wallner (Bavaria), Lady Susana Walton (Italy), Dr. Slearmlarp Wasuwat (Thailand), Randolph Weedman (Florida), Dorothy Whittembury (Venezuela), Dr. John Wiersema (Maryland USA), Charles Winch (Australia), Jack Wood (Arizona USA), John Wyman (North Carolina, USA), Gabriel & Carolina Zumstein (Argentina)

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