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Quick Guide To Growing Tropical Waterlilies

Hybridizing Tropical Waterlilies

 Overwintering Tropical Waterlilies

Fasciation in a Tropical Waterlily Tuber

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Building Liner Ponds


 Turtles, Toads & Other Trivial Traumas

Rich's Amazon Adventure

 "Bonsai" Victoria

 Moving American Aquatic Gardens'
Victoria cruziana to a Winter Home


New Orleans Botanic Garden Images  

NOBG 2004 Spring Aquatics Display 

NOBG 2005 After Hurricane Katrina 

Images of "Water World" at SNA 2003

Atlanta Botanical Garden 2004 Aquatics Display & Chihuly Glass Exhibition 

  McKee Botanical Garden November 2004 (After the Hurricanes) 

 The Conservatories at Gaylord Palms Resort

Over Night Transformation of the pond at the University of New Orleans 

   Aquatics at The Sarah P. Duke Gardens

From WGI ONLINE Journal 1.1
Parasites, Pathogens, and Problem Plants


From WGI ONLINE Journal 1.2
NOBG Before Katrina, Soon After, and Spring 2006

From WGI ONLINE Journal 1.2 
Get Yourself into Hot Water!

From WGI ONLINE Journal 1.3
Waterlily Soils, Fertilizers, and Pots

 From WGI ONLINE Journal 2.2 - Not Necessarily So!

From WGI ONLINE Journal 2.3 - Creating New Tropical Waterlilies 

 From WGI ONLINE Journal 2.4 - The Princess and Dr. Ding-a-Ling

 From WGI ONLINE Journal 2.4 -
The Nursery and Hybrids of Chaiyapon "Chaipol" Tamasuwan

From WGI ONLINE Journal 3.1 - Lusty Li'l Nymphaea minuta 

 From WGI ONLINE Journal 3.3 - First Generation Hybrids of Nymphaea minuta

From WGI ONLINE Journal 3.4 - Fasciation, "Witch's Broom", in Tropical Waterlilies 

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