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We live in western Panama, near the highest mountain in the country. Our climate, at 4500', makes gardening a real pleasure. Our temperatures remain rather steady all year, with some variation due to more sunshine in the dry season, and less solarization in the rainy season.

Heliconia wagneriana

We, Carla mainly, garden about 5 acres and loosely specialize in Heliconias (we might have as many as 80 kinds) and ginger family plants but really any interesting plant is fair game.  

Heliconia bihai



Etlingera elatior


We have talked about making some sort of water feature for some time. Our first pond is very near the house, rectangular and formal, made of concrete. For step by step pictures of its construction see this page on our web site -

 Some scholars think that the population of what is now Panama was higher before the Spaniards arrived than now. The area where we live is recognized as particularly interesting archeologically. It sure makes digging a lot more fun!

During - the nursery

Our first water lily flower


So far, the plants in the water garden are mainly weeds and a hardware store water lily. Pretty and interesting they may be, but we'll soon be looking for fancier lilies and lotus. It is good to get a little experience first with replaceable plants!

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