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Hughes Water Gardens, Tualatin Oregon USA -
2008 Waterlily Festival, Invitational Art Show & Victoria Night Complete 450K | For shorter download Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3  
Alex Howerton Grows Up on Victoria Pads
Granddad Dave Brigante grows the plants at
Hughes Water Gardens, Tualatin Oregon USA
Dave Brigante's Passion for Victoria

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Native ornamental aquatics and tried and true performers top the list
Go With What Works  Vol. 1.2

The Wild Wacky World of Variegated Water Plants Vol. 1.3

A widening array of versatile aquatic plants Color Me Summer! Vol. 1.4

Plants to improve Your Winter Reflection Vol. 2.1

The Moist Soil Garden Vol. 2.3

Cobras Are Found in Oregon! Vol. 2.4

What is really bugging you?
Insects on Aquatic Plants Vol. 3.1

The surprising floral explosion of Camas Lilies Vol. 3.2

A Penchant for Papyrus Vol. 3.3

Beautiful Gardens with Water Features in Portland, Oregon Vol. 3.4

Conquer your own mountain of Recyclable Nursery Plastic Vol. 4.1

Hardy Ferns for Ponds Vol. 4.3

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