We first learned of the fabulous new cultivars of talented hybridizer Dieter Bechthold while corresponding with Harro Hieronimus of Gartenteich , Germany's leading water gardening magazine, which introduced some of the db cultivars in 2002. Harro put us in touch with Dieter directly and we are delighted to introduce the man and the lilies here --

 Dieter Bechthold
Wuppertal, Germany

By Dieter Bechthold
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Hallo! My name is Dieter Bechthold and I like hardy waterlilies and daylilies. Since 1999 I have cultivated db-waterlilies in Wuppertal, Germany. If you don't know this town, I can understand it! It's not Berlin or Munich! Wuppertal is a about the size of Düsseldorf and Cologne, with 370.000 inhabitants, including my family and me.
   Wuppertal-Ronsdorf is 330 meters high, has strong winters and a summertime with many rainy days. Do you know of pocket umbrellas? "Cobold" and "Knirps" were invented near my garden. Something special in my town is the "Schwebebahn", a railway which hangs above a river called "Wupper".

Wuppertal was also the home of Friedrich Engels, a social revolutionary and a friend of Karl Marx. As far as plants, the garden of Georg Arends, one of the best German plant cultivators, stands in the third generation in Wuppertal - Ronsdorf.

Bergenia 'Morgenröte'
Georg Arends

   Back to me and my hardy waterlilies. The cultivation of waterlilies is one of my leisure activities. If I have time enough, I write reports about hardy waterlilies for garden magazines in Germany. My db-cultivars, hybrids I have created myself, can be seen on this website and at www.dasbunte.de, my own presentation. Soon I will market some of my best db-waterlily cultivars with the help of Werner Wallner, www.nymphaion.de .

In the future, I will try to create "little waterlilies", and I hope it will be successful using N. tetragona or N. candida as a parent. At the left is N. 'Fatima' and a very small new unnamed N. candida hybrid.

At the right is a new db hybrid still under evaluation.


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