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La Gran Sabana
of Venezuela
"The Lost World"
By Fernando Santos
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La Gran Sabana is within Canaima National Park with an area of 11,500 square miles. UNESCO, in recognition of its extraordinary scenery and unique geological and biological value, conceded World Heritage Status in 1994, one of a select list of 126 natural World Heritage Sites worldwide.



Venezuela &
the Auyantepuy Region


Auyantepuy ^ & Kavak >

Though travelling to La Gran Sabana can be done by car on a paved road that runs on the east side of the park and down to the Brazilian border, we went by local airline. We took an old Russian Antonov N2 single engine bi-plane that flew very close to the Tepuis on the way to Canaima Camp. It also goes to the Kavak village, Kamarata Mission, Wonken village and other places.

For the real explorer, there are trips to the top of Roraima Tepuy (a place out of this world), and Auyantepuy (also out of this world). A difficult and rewarding trip begins at Kamarata Mission, goes down river in a native canoe (Curiara) to reach the Churun River and then a day's walk to the foot of Angel's Fall, the highest waterfall on earth with 3,212 feet of free fall.. There is also the adventure of walking across the savanna, into the tropical jungle, swimming across rivers, reaching a local Indian village and walking up the Tepuy to reach a sacred Indian cave.

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