Field Trip To St. Lucia
KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa
2003 - Mfabeni Swamp - Page 2

By Jacques Gerber - Click images to enlarge

Utricularia and Ludwigia adscandens
is a genus of carnivorous plant. If you look closely, you can also see a Nymphaea capensis seedling.

Utricularia prehensalis flower

Utricularia prehensalis
growing on peat. This plant is very abundant in the swamp.

Trying to recover Retief's sandal
The mud here was deep and clayey. Retief lost his sandle and couldn't find it, so I did.

Very, very deep water 
How do we know? Both Ina and I sank in deep were there appeared to be only shallow water. Figure the bottom is three metres down in places. The pH metre was completely soaked and we had to exit the swamp to dry it. Only, we were about as far as it was possible to be from the vehicle

Nice if you tell me next time
Plants in the backround are Scleria poiformis. Prof. George took the picture without telling us.

Really hard going
This shows what appears to be the only patch of Typha capensis in this part of the swamp. The going was very hard with relatively deep water. The really deep water is in this patch.

 Froggy - well toady really
in the pond at Wetlands Guesthouse.

Pond at Wetlands Guesthouse in St. Lucia
The guesthouse we stayed at in St. Lucia had this small pond - full of invasive weeds. Interesting connections here. My supervisor Prof. Bredenkamp knows the owners from when they lived across the road from him in Pretoria. I went to school with their son in Grahamstown, my hometown.

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