Jaewon Jung
Daegu, Korea

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Jaewon Jung was born in 1956, at a small village in Chilgok County in South Korea. His village is named Songjeong, which means resting place among pine trees. Some villages near his hometown are related to lotus. Their names are Lotus-lake (Yeonho) and Lotus-blossom (Yeonhwa). A legend there says, like a prophecy, that lotus flowers spread out all around the world from his birthplace.

During the Korean War, Chilgok was a hard-fought field and indiscriminately bombed. After the war hills were lowered through carpet bombing. Meanwhile, flowers bloomed and shed in the hills, where little Jaewon grew up. People grew rice in wet fields. There are reservoirs for the rice fields. In his childhood Jaewon would swim through various water plants in the lakes.  

He saw waterlilies and lotus flowers in the lakes, and read about them in lots of poems and essays, yet he had not truly appreciated the beauty of them until he planted and grew 'Tina", a tropical waterlily, in a stoneware pot in 2004. Ever since he has been growing lotuses and waterlilies. In 2005, he encountered the website of Victoria-Adventure and was fascinated by the beauty of various waterlilies in it.


The Beauty of Glory
Hoping many more Koreans will grow lotuses and waterlilies and enjoy the beauty of them, he planted about 100 varieties in vessels in his roof garden in 2006. He has been distributing them to others and running a lotus-lovers society on the web. At the same time he has drawn pictures of lotuses and waterlilies. He thinks his collection will be larger in size and number than those of Claude Monet in the future. See more of his paintings in WGI Online Journal 3.3.

He hopes his paintings symbolize a harmonized world, in which each will enjoy his or her unique beauty and live in peace. He likes the Korean word "woori", which means "we" and also means "I". Therefore, he named his paintings "Woori Grim" ("grim" is a Korean word for "painting"), which means my painting or our painting.

Jaewon studied Korean language education at Kyungpook National University and earned a master's degree in Korean literature at KNU, majoring in contemporary Korean poems. He worked as a planner in the publishing department at KNU, taught the Korean language at Sinmyeong High School in Daegu, served as CEO of the Korea Educational Institute in Daegu and currently works as President of Naratmal Publishing Company and is one of the Sottae artists. His Korean Smile (Archetypical Doodles) was published in 1997 by Naratmal Publishing Company.

Enjoying creating something new, he is searching for new species of waterlilies, making the circumstances around him beautiful and wants to share his experiences with others. He owns a mountain of 500,000 square meters (124 acres) near his residence in Daegu, Korea. There he will make an art park with an art gallery and an arboretum on it. In the art park he will make reservoirs by draining water from the creeks, and plant flowers and trees systematically. People can appreciate art crafts and pictures in the beautiful space.  


The Jungs

Stream on the mountain

Path on the mountain

Jaewon's wife Eunmi Kim was a teacher at a middle school, and now she is an artist of abstract works on traditional Korean paper. They have two sons, one a medical school student and the other a cadet of the Korea Air Force Academy.  

The Jung family

The Jungs

The Jung's sons

Eunmi Kim

Hanji Bojagi

Using Korean hanji paper, Eunmi Kim recreates the traditional bojagi, the square hemmed cloth, often quilted, varying in size, color and design, that Koreans use to wrap, store and carry the things of daily life.

Jaewon Jung's Paintings in
WGI Online Journal 3.3

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