Duke Gardens Volunteer
and Photographer
John Wyman

North Carolina USA

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John Wyman grew up on an experimental horticultural farm of 150 acres owned by Harvard University where his father was a full professor as well as a prolific writer of horticultural books. There John learned "how to hoe" at the early age of 8 and immediately became well motivated to move on to college, later ending up at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, in 1958. After college he immediately entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant in Armor and two years later became a Viet Nam veteran. He then entered AT&T's management training program in the US, spending 28 years in this business, moving frequently with his wife and two daughters. He now resides permanently in Hillsborough, North Carolina, with his wife.
In addition to the above, he has managed his own business for about 10 more years, and now teaches several courses in a local community college (10-weeks long) on how to start a new business and earn a net income of 6 figures within 3 years. He uses his own experiences to demonstrate how this is done. John volunteers his time, talents, and financial resources to local nonprofits (e.g. Duke Gardens) who treasure his many ways of support.

He recently gave a waterlily class "from the water" to local clients of Duke Gardens. (No one knew it but his wet suit leaked for 2 hours.) He is a SCORE email volunteer and enjoys helping young entrepreneurs around the country to start their own successful businesses.  

Because he now lives in temperate zone 7b, John has moved from terrestrial plants to waterlilies. He enjoys finding them, learning about them, and then growing them out to full size. He has been a water garden volunteer at Sarah P. Duke Gardens for eight years, and continues to work with the Garden staff to create better waterlily growing environments. He has a passion for growing the most challenging waterlilies in the world, and combines this with constant learning about new digital photography technologies. He is about to create a waterlily picture book with another photographer, and is looking forward to this new challenge. If this isn't enough to keep him busy, John and Nancy (his wife of 38 short years) travel to New Jersey to enjoy their three grandchildren.  

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