Photo by Nan Bailey

In this picture, we were anchored at the mouth of the Mary River near Fraser Island.
We had launched Redmoon at Maryborough, a few miles upstream, but this was taken on our way back north after our Pacific trip. She was built of ferro-cement, to a Maurice Griffiths design, but David extended it 10 feet. She was 46 feet long on deck, 52 feet overall, counting the bow sprit and davits, drew 7 feet, had a beam of 13 feet and weighed 30 tons. The main mast was 48 feet and I had to climb up to the top spreaders to look for the way through the reefs. She was a very sea-kindly boat and I am very proud of David's work in building her as he built everything, including the Oregon masts and the 90 pound plough anchor. We had the sails professionally made.

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