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We live in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, about 250 kilometres (155 miles) north of Sydney. Our interest in water gardening goes back more than 25 years. Luckily our home is on an acreage so, as our enthusiasm for ponds and all they entail grew, we were able to spread out as far as we liked.

We have operated our water garden nursery since 1994. Our approach is to open up water gardening to a much larger group of people, fostering interest in water plants and making growing water plants a desirable and achievable goal for all gardeners.

At first waterlilies caught our eye but later we became endless searchers for everything water, pond and marginal plants, bog plants and of course lotus. 

For many years just a select few could grow the handful of lotus varieties available here. After years of experiments and research we have developed a successful way of growing and supplying garden centers with lotus as a desirable product that even novice gardeners can feel comfortable taking home.

< Native lotus in our pond

This soon revealed the other issue of limited varieties available here in Australia. With our own development and new contacts, we have expanded the pool of lotus varieties. We are confident we will be able to introduce a few new ones every year for the foreseeable future, as we and the market expand.

We must thank Grant Mitchell, our own local lotus guru for, his invaluable help in expanding our appreciation of lotus both here and in China. 

Our lotus area 

Our nursery, Wallis Creek Water Garden, provides retail, wholesale and mail order. Our website is




< Michael on a lotus lake

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