More images from
Norman Bennett's Family Album
Bennetts Water Gardens, Weymouth, UK

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Norman at work,
date unknown

Pam & Norman, 1983,
celebrate their ruby wedding anniversay with their son-in-law John Bundy, daughter Anne Bundy, daughter-in-law Angie, son Jonathan, grandson James and grandson Simon Bundy.

Norman with Ray Davies
at the Denver IWGS
Symposium, 1987

Norman at Wisley
during the 1994 IWGS Symposium

The first wedding
held at Bennetts was James and
Laura Bennett's, September 2005

Jonathan and Norman
relaxing after James's wedding, 2005

Norman August 2004
at his daughter Anne's home
in East Aurora, NY, after attending
the IWGS Symposium in Toronto

Norman's 86th birthday,
July 30, 2007, with his son
Jonathan and grandsons
James and Simon.

Norman with son-in-law
John, daughter-in-law
Angie and son
Jonathan, 2007 

Profile - Norman Bennett

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