Raffaele Ferraro 
Pereira City, Colombia

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I am an Italian citizen and for many years I have been working abroad with plants and landscaping. I created gardens on the Isle of Capri (Mediterranean climate) and in the Canary Islands (sub-tropical). Twelve years ago I arrived in Latin America, first in Costa Rica, and now I live in Colombia (tropical).
The name of my place is Kamda, Beyond the Garden.

Images from Kamda

I developed a fascination with odd and strange water plants, among many other species. My collection is extensive. The waterlilies are from Thailand and many other countries. For more than twenty years I have explored around the world looking for Nymphaea, Nymphoides and other water plants. Some of the sites I visited are Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Guatemala, Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Roraima, Madagascar, Borneo, Seicheles, India and more . . . 

^ N. 'Jongkolnee'

 ^ N. 'Nangkwag' blue and pink ^
N. 'King of Siam' with 'Director Moore' >
N. violacea >>

For a long time I have wanted to create a bicolor tropical waterlily flower. This is my first hybrid and the name is 'Kamda'. It is "Malva" blue, with the ends of the petals deep purple. <

Sri Lanka -
My Search for N. nouchali

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