Hai Tran
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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I'm Hai Tran and I am Vietnamese. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998. Gardening has been my favorite pastime since I was little. When I built my very first pond about six years ago, I didn't know much. Now I have enough information to cultivate aquatic plants successfully. With all the plants that are out there, lotuses are my favorite to grow in the garden. I also especially like hardy and tropical waterlilies.



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I started water gardening because it is a hobby that brings me a sense of peace and harmony. I have four ponds for my plant collection now and I have to date collected over thirty-five cultivars. I also have a few lotuses which have been grown from seeds and below are some seedlings which bloomed in the second year. Of all the cultivars I have collected, my favorite is Nelumbo 'Qianbanlian', "Thousand Petals". 

^ Seedlings^ | N. 'Qianbanlian' >

I am a web designer, plant collector, photographer and an aquatic plant addict. As a gardener, I have many great opportunities to photograph these wonderful plants. The Gallery of some of my favorite lotus images is here and I have also created an online album which hosts all my original photos here.

Favorite Lotus Images
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