Gabriel & Carolina Zumstein
Gral Pacheco, Argentina

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We are Gabriel and Carolina and we live in a very beautiful city called Gral Pacheco in the north of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. From a very early age I found out that I loved plants very much. My whole family has worked with gardens and watergardens since I was little. My father is a gardener and my passion for ponds began at my grandparents' house; my granddad always used to keep water lettuce and hyacinth in small containers. 

 When Gabriel and I got married, we started working in our own garden and a few years later we decided to build our first pond. It was really small as we were practicing. A few months later, we started making ponds in small containers such as plant pots. We sealed the bottom holes, filled them with water and put in different types of water plants. I really love Louisiana Irises and we started collecting them in addition to our waterlilies.

A few years ago, I finished a landscaping and gardening course and with the help of my father, we gave up our jobs and started working together building ponds and gardens. We have also done a water gardening course in Panambi, which is one of the best places for waterlilies and aquatic plants in Argentina. Since we started, we have built many ponds and little container ponds. We really enjoy our new life because we have the opportunity to discover each day how wonderful ponds are -- the type of animals, insects or small creatures that live in and around them and how plants change through the year. We also have the opportunity to share our experience with other people and encourage others to have their own ponds.





Our dreams? We have many but one of them is to have our own big pond where we can plant a huge Victoria and many beautiful waterlilies and Irises.

Much of what we know has come from Water Gardeners International and a great forum community called El Estanque, and we are very thankful for you sharing your experience with us. 



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