Our New Horse Palace - Pegasus 2
(named after our former farm in Orlando, Pegasus)
November 2006
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Housing the horses adequately has been an ongoing problem and we've decided to solve it permanently. We are buying the property below. It's 1.25 acres in Cocoa, 25 minutes from home, and in a great neighborhood.

The house is very attractive inside and out, and immaculately maintained. We hope the tenant we find will take as good care of it as Pat and Sue have!

This oversized garage will easily convert to a three stall barn. We'll frame in the garage doors, add windows, and put a wide sliding door on the side.

Here we'll add a 30x20' concrete slab with the closest 30x10' under a breezeway roof. It will multi-task as grooming space, farrier space, wash rack, seating area, PARTY area!

The barn is concrete block, and so tight that we may be able to heat and air-condition the horses :>) We'll be using modular 2x2" steel and wood stall walls. They are free-standing (no posts required) so a terrific space saver.

The perimeter is already fenced except for near the house and barn. We'll finish that asap. Then we'll put one cross fence right down the middle and another across up here near the house and barn. We'll turn the horses out in one side, ride in the other, and alternate as the grass dictates.

All of Phase 1 (barn, breezway and fencing) MUST be complete by December 1!

December 1, 2006

Marc arrives first to unfinished fences

A top fence board holds Marc
while work goes on

Pegasus and The Kid arrive

Dru holds Pegasus
while the newly poured slab dries 

Ben and The Kid

Horses move in, Dru sweeps

Almost done!

Cheech interferes with form removal.

Pegasus and the Kid enjoy their windows!

Ben picks up debris.

Cheech is in the way again. >




< Marc begging and Marc working ^

The roof is on the breezeway just in time for Jerry to shoe!

Pegasus likes his plexiglass windows

Settled In

Street side

Paddocks/riding areas

Back view

Barn from back

The Kid working
instead of eating

Marc street-watching

Our remote monitor cameras let us look in at live video from any computer. They also take and store still images when they sense motion.

We lost our much loved Pegasus in August 2007. He was the first foal born at our former farm in Orlando, also named Pegasus. He was the son of the magical Neapolitano Apollo and the lovely Piber mare Platana 7. At age 28, he was still going strong at about Prix St. George until a torn crutiate ligament from a misstep laid him up. A "leaky" injection of the stifle with Vetalog led to laminitis and ultimately his death. We miss him.

 October 2013

A whole lot has changed since this page was updated. The empty stall left by the loss of Pegasus sent me on a horse hunt, futile since what I really wanted was another Marc. I decided to try to clone him and that is a whole story unto itself. The Story of Mouse

The loss of Mouse led to Peanut joining the family, the loss of Marc to trying for more clone babies and eventually to Prince coming to me, and to the birth of Mystic, my last chance at a clone. The Kid recently went to a new home as a schoolmaster.

In spite of all the loss and heartbreak, P2 is once again filled with beautiful very special boys and lots of love.

Peanut, Mystic, Prince in the barn

The Horses
Some funny pix from P2

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