Snapshots from P2
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Marc as dirty as he can get.

Farmer Ben's
fashion statement

One of the Kid's
goofiest faces

In 2008, Tropical Storm Fay dumped 14 inches of rain and made our paddocks a lake. Cheech chased swarms of birds right through it. Marc didn't care about the wind and rain, turning tail to the worst of it.

As the water receded, Marc, as usual,
played in the puddles.


 Christmas 2008

The Kid likes his hat.

Marc's antlers droop as
the Kid gets gift-wrapped.

The Kid eats his stocking.



The Kid rattles his stall door open, knocks the halters down, turns the light on, gets fussed at by Marc because it's too early to get up, turns the light off. Caught by our remote camera.

Marc playing

Marc takes a nap every morning between breakfast
and work. He dreams, whinnying and sometimes
running in his sleep.

Suzanne needs both hands to
pet everyone.

Trick or treat! Halloween 2009

Just before Thanksgiving, turkeys hanging out at the neighbors' to eat their chicken feed came to visit. Cheech could only watch and wish.

The Kid was scared to death of the
turkeys and wouldn't go near them.

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