Schofield  Here Comes Baccarat Boy
born December 20, 2011

Cheech, at age 13 1/2, is struggling with arthritis in his shoulders and back. Once moving, he does pretty well but has trouble getting up and down. It was time to consider a puppy but I really didn't expect to find just the right one when I did.

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February 23. In what some might consider questionable timing, an hour before Magic was born, I picked up the fabulous Gordon Setter puppy "Magnum" at Orlando International. It wasn't the plan to double up but we have two babies at once! (Magic died at 13 days old.)

Robert Schmidt of Schofield Gordons in Nevada had a litter of nine-week-old puppies with gorgeous and proven parents. He agreed to send me Magnum. He came out of his shipping kennel wagging his tail and and is SUCH a good boy!


Playing with Cheech Video 16M | Playing with a fish Video 6M



I lost most of March. The deaths of Magic, Max and Misha, one right after the other, flattened me. Even so, I snapped the occasional cute picture of the boys.


April 17. Magnum likes to play with Peanut's smaller balls but punctures them really quickly with his razor-like baby teeth, so I got him a giant tennis ball.

Video 8M


Magnum's house training was complete in a matter of days after his arrival. By the third night he was sleeping through in his kennel and now he's allowed to share the bed.

The most amazing thing about him is that, when asked or when he thinks he's getting a meal or a treat, he sits politely and patiently until the reward is offered. Even when Cheech eats, he stays quietly to the side until invited to lick the bowl.

Magnum is very well behaved. He has times of typical wild child puppy but his energy is easily channeled to lots of puppy toys and chews, leaving other objects safe. He also gets plenty of exercise. Here, Cheech has a filthy rawhide bone that Magnum wants. It's hard to tell which bark goes with the puppy.

Video 3M

April 18. Now he's discovered Peanut's hoppy ball and copies the colt's play with it.

Video 15M


April 19. Cheech is feeling well enough most mornings to initiate play with Magnum. It wears them both out.

Video 4M

May 31. Due to the addition of Prince to the family and the birth of Mystic, Magnum's camera time has been limited. He's growing like a weed.

He thinks it's fun to play with the other end of Mystic's lead rope. Cheech gets in the way - something we're trying to prevent since he doesn't move so fast any more.

Tug of war Video 12M

June 20. Magnum is six months old today! Sometimes he looks like a young man and sometimes he's all puppy. He's getting his feathers too, very cute.


He still likes to be a lap dog though, at 50+ pounds, I can just barely lift him.

Playing Video 5M

It's hard to tell how really big Magnum is getting without Cheech for scale.

July 17. Magnum SO wants to play with Mystic and I have to start letting him. His nature makes him want to be submissive to the "bigger dog" and I hope he can learn not to be without getting hurt. (Cheech was euthanized two weeks ago and we all miss our best friend and playmate.)

Magnum and Mystic Video 4M

August 20. Look at this handsome boy on his eight month birthday! He weighs 64 pounds and is becoming a dog! His play is still puppy -- and hopefully will be his whole life. I keep trying to get a full body shot or a video but he's either moving too fast or sound asleep.

September 15. Finally I got a pretty good full body picture of Magnum!

October 20. Ten months old and Magnum is maturing beautifully. He's only four pounds heavier than two months ago but growing up. He doesn't get playing frizbee but loves to bounce around with it.

Video 11M

Halloween. It's tricks and treats as the boys pose in their costumes. They loved it and so did I! Mystic wanted to be a gator since he was born at UF. I tease Prince(ss) a lot about sounding girlie when he squeels for his grain so it's tutu and tiara for him. Magnum is most certainly a very hot dog and Peanut, notorious for escaping his stall, is Houdini complete with straight jacket and chains.


November 19. I love my boys! And one of the most fun things to do with them is, after play time, gather them around me for treats. They are sweet with other, with me and even with Magnum who could so easily be stepped on.

December 25. Santa brought Magnum a giant rawhide candy cane for Christmas. He can't figure out what it is or what he should do with it.


January 2, 2013. Mystic has started licking Magnum on a regular basis and they both love it, reminding me of the cat Marc used to lick every day. I worry about Magnum getting stepped on but I can just hope Mystic is careful!

Video 75 M

October 13. Magnum and Mystic play nearly every morning, with Magnum running circles and leaping in Mystic's face. Mystic is very tolerant of Magnum's antics, as are Peanut and Prince. How do they know to be more gentle with Magnum than they are with each other?

Video 37M

August 2014. Magnum has matured into a gorgeous boy and wonderful companion. He pads around with me nearly everywhere I go and still insists on sitting in my lap many evenings. He's, as before, hard to photograph since he's often running or out flat, typical of Gordon Setters.

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