Project X - Mouse

by Kit Young Knotts
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He's Here!

Mouse was born May 5, 2010, at 10:20 pm. It only took about five miutes for Minnie to deliver him. By the time I arrived at 2:30 am May 6, he was gotten up and greeted me.

Dr. Stephanie Meyer captured this precious image very soon after Mouse was born.

Nurse Bev moves Mouse around and tries to show him how to nurse.


By later in the morning, Mouse is experiencing low blood pressure and has not really progressed. Nasal oxygen and an IV catheter were put in place immediately after his birth as precautions and it's a good thing. He needs both for treatment. Since he hasn't figured out nursing, he is being fed through a tube. 

He's beautiful and the image of Marc, but weak. Dr. Rob Mackay gives him a 50/50 chance of survival.

At the time, I didn't tell anyone outside the hospital how much trouble Mouse was in. He couldn't stay sternal on his own and, when pillows and wedges didn't do it, I held his head in my lap, stuffing pillows behind his shoulders to keep him upright as much as I could.

The nurses regularly got him up to help him strengthen.


Minnie, Mouse, Janis and Heather

Mouse and Janis > 


May 7. Mouse is definitely brighter today and everyone says generally better. Blood in his urine has caused some concern, leading to several ultrasounds and a change in meds. He can almost stand up by himself and, once up, motors around pretty well. The night shift is determined to get him nursing.


May 8. Can I breathe now? Mouse made a lot of progress today, the biggest item getting the hang of nursing! Everything is pretty stable.

Video of Mouse learning to nurse, helped by student
(now graduate) Lauren Ball
- 16M

Minnie is being the perfect mom. She's doing everything to help Mouse nurse, accepts all the people treating her and Mouse, and is making milk like a sprinkler system. What an amazing girl!

We couldn't have any better people leading Mouse's Medicine team than Drs. Mackay and Meyer. The doctors have made all the right calls and the students are fabulous, but it is the nurses who are the heroes. They are there 24/7 and are the most experienced, kind and patient group of horsemen I have ever encourtered.

In more or less chronological order of my meeting them, my thanks to Liane, Bev, Sue, Heather, Dodi and Janis. Mouse owes you his life. 



First milk mustache

May 9. A big blood clot in Mouse's bladder, being watched via ultrasound, is very worrisome.


Cheech meets hid first cow

May 10. Today there is no doubt that Mouse needs surgery to remove the clot in his bladder and the remnants of his umbilicus, suspected to be the source of the blood that created the clot.

After surgery

Dr. Mackay, Dr. Meyer and Janis Peterson

Clot being removed
He returned from surgery and recovery hungry and fighting mad that he wasn't allowed to eat his fill. Kudos to Anesthesia and Surgery, Drs. Shih, Colohan and Graham for getting him through in such great shape. As one doctor said, he never looked back.

May 11. After a good night, Mouse is taking his first walk outside. He is very tentative at first but then really starts motoring around.

Mouse's First Walk Outside
16M video - will open in
Windows Media Player

< Dr. Meyer | Me and Dr. Macpherson>

Mouse's First Buck Video 12M | Mouse's First Trot Steps Video 5M


May 12. Mouse wearing a hand-me-down halter first worn by Uncle Pegasus more than 30 years ago. Losing Pegasus ultimately led me to undertake "Project X" so P is smiling down on us now.


May 13. I couldn't stay long today but did get to see Mouse's outing. I got one clip of him trotting and the batteries in my camera ran out! Surgeon Dr. Graham happened to see him and yelled at us - NO TROTTING! But he did anyway. He didn't want to go back in his stall and bucked and pronged in protest. Then he needed a nap.

Mouse Trotting
6M video


May 15. He's naked!
Mouse has been off of oxygen for more than 24 hours and is doing great! We finally get to see him without any bandages or tubes.

Mouse Bolting
5.5M video

Mouse starts to explore, fiddling with everything that isn't nailed down.



Who would ever think bucking style is genetic? This is one of Marc's favorite antics.

Mouse/Marc Half Buck
5.5M video


May 17. Mouse is doing great! We are starting to talk about him coming home. He is bouncing off the stall walls -- canter stop in a heartbeat, quarter spin, pop the hind legs.

Mouse Bouncing
3.5M video

May 18. The word from Gainesville is, "Get this healthy foal out of here before he catches something from a sick one!" We escalated plans and will bring him home tomorrow!


He's home! >
He's Free (kind of) > | Back in Jail >

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