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by Kit Young Knotts
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He's Free!
(kind of)

Six weeks after his birth, five weeks after major abdominal surgery, after four weeks of being hand walked at home, Mouse is finally free! He and Minnie can now go out in a small pen for several hours a day without us hanging on to them.

June 16. Wow! Mouse is out on his own! He's really excited about it and going crazy with his newfound freedom!

That is not to say he doesn't bounce around a little, but not really very much. This video is a compilation of clips over several hours.

Mouse's Outing June 16 - 30M video
Mouse's Outing June 16
for iPhone and Mac 16M

Because Mouse has to be turned out in fairly small spaces for the next four weeks, he and Minnie will move around the backyard so Minnie doesn't destroy the grass. Not all these potential pens have shade so we found a light and inexpensive canopy that we can move as the pen moves. I started assembling it right next to where Minnie and Mouse were. Marc was the one who huffed and puffed at it.

Marc watches Mouse.

Mouse provides a photo op. >

June 17. Mouse and Minnie went out in the same space as yesterday, widened a little to give Minnie more grass to mow. Mouse took full advantage and blasted around a little more initially, then settled into roaming, snoozing in the sun and looking for scratching.

Blast 1 | Blast 2 | Blast 3
8M video | 8.5M video | 11.5M video

A wiggly Mouse after his sponge bath >

June 19. As other days, Mouse bounced around a little at the beginning of his turnout.

Bouncing 12M video - Bouncing for iPhone and Mac 8M
Then he fiddled with everything in the pen, trying to pick things up in his mouth. We gave him a towel (somewhat entertaining) and then an empty gallon jug (very entertaining).


I had the clippers out for Cheech and decided to see what Mouse thought about them. Another ho-hum. He got his muzzle and ears clipped. On the way in he totally enjoyed the hosing down, with nozzle.

June 23. Mouse and Minnie are going out from about 7 or 7:30 until about 11 and enjoying it. When Mouse starts to get sweaty, he gets even itchier than usual. Friend Craig Presnell came to P2 today to meet Mouse and swap species Victorias, turning Mouse into a llama look-alike by scratching his neck and chest.


June 27. Mouse is the most active the first hour he's outside. His first attempts at capriole are a little clumsy but he's trying. Cheech encourages him to keep playing.

Playing and tag
20M video
Playing and tag

for iPhone and Mac 13M

Then he snoozes and looks for scratching.


His first soap bath is on the agenda for today. Rinsing has been pleasurable and a modified Mousetrap keeps him from roaming, so they are combined to scrub him. He loves it, playing with the water and trying to eat the soap.

First real bath - 12M video - First real bath for iPhone and Mac 7M

July 2. After yesterday's "bounce around" -

Bounce around - 17M video
Bounce around
for iPhone and Mac 22M

- Mouse found a box to play with. It was a great playmate.

Box boxing - 16M video  

Today, Mouse conned even The Kid into scratching him! The Kid was so sweet with Mouse, we couldn't believe it!

The Kid scratching Mouse
8M video


July 5. Something stirred Minnie up this morning. She ran and bucked. Mouse, not so stirred up, trotted with her, our first sustained clips of his BIG trot.

Trotting - 13M video
for iPhone and Mac 9M

July 6. Mouse gets his feet trimmed for the first time. He is really good for "Uncle" Jerry Hofer, who has been the big boys' farrier for more than 20 years.

First trim
24M video

After his trim and rinse, Mouse stops by Marc's stall to say hi. Then it's his favorite time of day. He's graduated from granola crumbs to pieces and is very vocal about wanting them!


Back in Jail >

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