October 2010

Maestoso Albona
born May 19, 2010

With the hole in my heart so big from losing Mouse, I decided it might be fun to have a Lipizzan baby in the house while we wait for more Mice to come along. After looking at some nice young horses in Orlando and a baby in the Ocala area, I went to Blue Mounds Equine Center in Wisconsin to look at two weanlings. I already had a hunch about one of them from small pictures I was sent.

March 2013
Mori was the more outgoing of the two, but I liked the build and movement of the other colt better. I also liked the fact that he was a little shy and not at all pushy. Called Albert up there, we're calling him Peanut. 

Peanut was an embryo transfer from his real mom, the really nice young mare Albona, shown at the right with Blue Mounds manager Jenny Niemeier and head rider Anita Adams. His sire, Maestoso Marina, stands at Waltzing Horse Farm in New York state. His nickname is M&M.

Peanut's surrogate mom, in the photos below, was not very social and, as a result, Peanut was not handled very much.


Blue Mounds Equine Center photos


After weaning, Peanut and Mori lived together. For us, it's not a bad thing that Peanut let Mori pick on him :>) He was already a little submissive.

< ^ Peanut and Mori >
Blue Mounds Equine Center photos

October 5, 2010. I arrived at Blue Mounds to meet the colts.

Peanut is the slightly larger and slightly lighter of the two in this video.

Peanut and Mori sometimes trotting - 8M video

My decision was easy. Peanut was a sweet and pleasant boy, even without much experience with people. A prepurchase veterinary exam was performed the same morning, purchase finalized and shipping to Florida arranged. I will say I was concerned about shipping a baby so young that long distance but I shouldn't have been.

Views of Blue Mounds Equine Center, an absolutely gorgeous place.

October 21. Here he comes! C and E Horse Transportation, Chicago, IL, with their almost palatial 75 foot truck-trailer, approaches.

Peanut Arriving & Settling In

October 21. C and E Horse Transportation, with their top-notch drivers and impeccable equipment, delivered Peanut in excellent condition in spite of a 36 hour trip including a detour to the beach (confusion as to the delivery address). Credit goes to him too! He got on the trailer with only a little push, no drugs as had been suggested by the local vet in Wisconsin, no kicking and screaming. He ate, drank, peed and pooped the whole way, and was still eating hay when we opened the door to his box stall to get him off.

Video - 34M

Video - 20M

This baby is fearless! He is settling in amazingly well! He's eating, drinking, peeing and pooping like nothing has changed in his life. He leads, knows whoa, picks up his feet, testimomy to the small amount of hamdling he's had and testimony to who he is. He is, so far, totally cooperative though our requests are small and gradual.
Today, October 23. I broke the code, learning he loves the alfalfa leaves we separate from the stems for Marc, where the usual horse treats have not been interesting. He is approaching me willingly when turned out and in his stall as well (for a bite of alfalfa and/or a scratch).

We decided to turn Peanut out in a smallish pen for a few days before letting him into the big paddock, to be sure we could catch him when needed. Not a problem :>)


October 24. The big day is here, one we so looked forward to with Mouse and never got to see. Peanut went out beside Marc and they matched strides in one blast-around.

Video - 9M

He now eats all treats, learning from watching Marc, but alfalfa leaves are still the favorite.

After lunch and a nap, Peanut is back outside without either of the other horses adjoining him (just me). Noises next door get his attention for this photo op.


October 27. In one of the funniest things that has happened to me in my life with horses, Peanut came over to where I was sitting in his paddock and plopped down right at my feet. In fact I had to quickly move my feet to keep him from squashing them when he laid out flat. I guess he's feeling pretty relaxed and at home now.

Video - 6M

Late morning, after his first turnout, is lesson time. The first few days, we only picked up and cleaned his feet, in preparation for our farrier Jerry to trim them yesterday. He was a star getting them done! We figured letting him get used to us and the routine was enough otherwise.

Today he got his first thorough grooming, curry, brush, comb, all parts touched, love glove for the face and flyspray. He was lightly tied for the first time through the process. What a good boy!


November 3. Most late afternoons, Peanut either wants to play with Cheech or go in for dinner (prematurely) and roars around to make his wishes known. In this video, he clips Cheech in the muzzle on his first pass (no real harm to Cheech) and keeps on bouncing.

Roar Around - 30M video
November 5. After morning turnout and before lunch (his clock is completely adjusted to P2 time), I tried cross-tying Peanut for grooming since I was by myself today. No problem. In previous days, the hose was OK with him but the clippers maybe not. We're in no hurry. He seems to accept anything we introduce right.

November 6. Yes, Peanut is cross-tied AND having his feet cleaned, not worried about either. Marc, loose in the yard, is in the background.



November 7. Yesterday and today, I let Peanut out in the back yard in the afternoon so I could stay somewhat out of the cold wind in the paddock. I supervised him of course. He discovered that The Kid was looking out his window and started to play.

16M Video


November 14. Peanut went exploring today, venturing into the east paddock for the first time. He had a blast!

48M Video

November 16. Peanut has discovered he's a Lipizzan and is learning his airs above the ground. The background sound in the video is day-old soap operas I watch on line while babysitting in the afternoon.

38M Video

November 17. The east paddock continues to stimulate Peanut. He ventures around more than on the west side. Today we got some pretty trot mixed with the gallops and bounces.

11M Video

Peanut is a

November 19. Today Peanut is six months old, a half-yearling, and has been with us for four weeks. He is a perfect member of our family, sweet, smart, cooperative and has THE CUTEST face! He is now butt high (though less so than two weeks ago), 12-2 hands behind and 12 hands at the withers. He weights 405 pounds, based on a formula calculated by heart girth measurement.

Hooves are getting closer to me in his afternoon play-time. I may soon have to baby-sit behind a tree :>)

30M Video


November 22. Peanut is more brave when I go to the far end of the paddock first. The sound in the second half of the video is a trio of sand hill cranes that visit next door.

20M Video


November 24. We have added a new all aluminun Shadow trailer with a ramp to the family. I picked it up yesterday and within hours showed it to Peanut. He took a little longer getting on yesterday but was great. We got this major achievement on camera today.

10M Video

November 29. Peanut gets moved to a small paddock in the yard when I ride in the one he's usually turned out in. Today when I moved him over, something got the Kid going, really going, and Peanut went along, mainly trotting (very pretty).

25M Video

November 30, December 1. With photographic evidence that I closed Peanut's stall door after the evening "social hour", but maybe didn't latch it since I didin't think he was strong enough or pushy enough to open it, he escaped.
He completely reorganized the barn's open area, ventured outside through the partly open barn door, came and went from 1:52 am until I captured him at 6:40. He got into the breakfast feed and the big boys' soaking hay cubes. There was no way to tell how much he ate, so we were quite concerned that he might get sick from too much and/or different feed. He didn't seem overly full or uncomfortable, and was pretty upset when his lunch and dinner meals were tiny. Other than being very sleepy from staying up all night, he seems none the worse for wear. Images captured by our motion sensor camera.

1:52 am

2:25 am

6:17 am

6:22 am

6:41 am

December 8. Peanut is actually very laid back. We usually have to encourage him to run around. Today he was feeling his oats and on alert :>)

Video 23M


December 10. It has turned cold and the maple tree is brilliant. Marc poses with it. He also poses with Suzanne scratching the itchy spots under his blanket.

Below, we just couldn't put Peanut out naked these cold mornings and found a fly sheet that should be adjustable until he's a yearling.

December 13. The Kid went wacky again. Though Peanut joined in a little bit, he mainly kept coming to me asking, "What is he going crazy about?"

Video 16M


December 15. Running, bucking, and playing will make Peanut fit and strong as he grows, so it is encouraged.

Video 8M

However, boundaries have to be established.


December 17. A bounce too close to me resulted in a whack with the camera (still working fine) and then a respectful set of bounces and kicks at 10 feet and more away. 

Video 16M

December 20. A rainy day over the weekend led me to go through and reorganize all the trunks and totes filled with horse gear (around a dozen of them). This project turned up an almost new stable sheet that had belonged to little Pegasus.  

Since the fly sheet Peanut has been wearing is stiff and not very warm in our record cold, I decided to take up Pegasus' Banner sheet for him. It was shortened about 6" at the withers and 8" in length, all with long loose stitches that can be let out as he grows.

In the picture, Cheech is wearing a matching sheet given to him some years ago by Jerry Hofer and Jean Nix.

December 22. Christmas is kind of hard this year since Mouse was with us in utero last year and we had a lot to celebrate. Our little tree is a living one and decorated only with mice and M&M Peanuts.

Peanut is happy to pose in a Santa hat to make us smile.


New Year -
New Smile

Click images to enlarge


January 15, 2011. In developing his own unique style of begging for treats, Peanut has learned to make smiley faces. His little teeth are so perfect, they remind us of a cartoon advertising dentures. Who could possibly resist that?

Begging - 8M video

Most days Peanut has a bound-around. We missed most of this one but the antics are still hilarious. I love seeing the playful attitude as long as it's respectful too.

Attitude - 38M video


January 18. Peanut REALLY wants a playmate and The Kid is accommodating him the last few days. We hope it continues, even over the fence. They play at least half an hour every morning.

Play 1 - 18M video
Play 2 - 18M video 

February 4. We have taken our time introducing water to Peanut, choosing only really nice days so it's pleasurable for him. After several rinses over the last weeks, he gets his first soap bath. He likes it! He also likes watching activity around the neighborhood in the afternoon.


February 14. I got the boys a big balloon for Valentine's Day.

I sent Cheech in with it so I could record their first reactions. They were all puffing and had eyes like saucers. Marc got over it first, then Peanut. 

Video 15M

February 23. Peanut is showing little glimmers of spring and hormones starting to flow. This afternoon, he and The Kid play-fought for nearly an hour. I had to take Peanut's halter off after The Kid got hold of it and wouldn't let go until I made him.

Video 20M

March 1. The Kid got wound up again this morning for no reason we could find. Peanut went along.

Video 33M 


March 5. The new trailer thankfully hasn't needed to be used so I decided to take it around the block to keep the tires round. Before I left, I put Peanut on it as a refresher. Some coaxing and bribery was needed initially but then he got on and off like a star.

Video complete 80M

Trying to get Peanut on 56M | Getting on and off 22M

Look how much bigger he is from his first time on the trailer :>)
On the trailer November 24, 2010

March 14. As Peanut makes the transition from baby to little stallion, he needs to blow off steam several ways. If he's a little toppy, we run him around in the paddock (Mouse's ball chases him, not us) and we encourage horseplay with The Kid. We open his window even on chilly days so Peanut can play. This will work as long as there's no blood :>)

Horseplay video 11M

March 19. For Peanut's 10 month birthday, he's getting a big boy haircut. Where many Lipizzan owners leave manes long, I prefer them short so the beautiful necks show.


March 30. Wednesday is the day all buckets, tubs and grooming tools get scrubbed. Suzanne puts the brushes (neatly) on chairs in the sun to dry, providing Peanut lots of entertainment when he's out in the afternoon. 

April 13. Because it's getting hot here, I don't want to keep closing the barn door to keep Peanut out during his afternoon turnout. Chains, doubling as more crossties, serve well! Initially he was frustrated that he couldn't get through and then lapsed into messing with everything he could reach.

(I think messing with stuff, though not people or their clothes, is good for him, reducing fear of the unknown.)

Video - 13M 


April 19. Peanut is 11 months old today and such a good boy! We are running him every day so he blows off the energy that naturally builds up in a healthy colt. Suzanne got a second ball so we don't have to get too close to his exuberance to keep him going. He seems to like the game but is pretty definite when he gets tired and wants the treats and pats that come at the end.

 Birthday Run
47M video

April 23. We had a photo shoot today! Neighbor and friend Catherine Hall, talented photographer and film maker, does wonderful portraits of people and their pets. Peanut was today's subject.

He was really good for a while, posing like a pro model, and then got really fidgity. But Catherine got the shots!


© Catherine Hall

© Catherine Hall

© Catherine Hall


Click images to enlarge 

May 8. Peanut is starting to look like a horse! Almost a yearling, he has lost his baby belly and his baby coat, trading it in for shiny steel gray with dapples that we wish he would keep forever.

Though more "ugly duckling" stages are sure to come before Peanut matures, we are enjoying his current svelte young-man-hood. He's a pretty boy, still or moving, inside and out, with just the right amount of the devil in him to be fun.

May 19. Though we have celebrated monthly birthdays, this is a BIG DEAL - Peanut is officially a yearling. I've had a pretty new halter to celebrate the day but he has already outgrown it.

In the morning, he blasts around with The Kid and in the afternoon he plays with the muck basket.

May 22. After his daily ball session, if I step away from the ball, Peanut knows he can stop and trots up to me for his treat. He gets the cutest look in his eye. Then he trots to Suzanne for more treats and lots of praise for doing his little job. He really seems proud of himself.


May 25. Kids never play with what you expect. Peanut is no exception. Today the grooming buckets set out to dry were the toys of choice. There was lots of pushing, rolling, flipping, but the spinning was the funniest. He spun himself and the buckets all over the patio.

Video - 34M

June 13. I've watched a lot of young horses play over the years and have never seen bowing over or kneeling on another horse or toy! The first time it happened I thought he might have stumbled but, seeing it over and over, it's totally on purpose. 

Video 32 M


June 14. After giving Peanut a bucket to play with most afternoons, I gave him the muck basket today. He was absolutely nutty, spinning, pushing, tossing and bowing over it or in it. He's also learned to play with a ball, previously ignored, that now lives in his stall.

Video 55 M


June 17. The muck basket has become Peanut's favorite playmate and is named Mori, after the weanling Peanut lived with in Wisconsin. In addition to the spinning and rolling, he runs away from it if he scares himself and runs right back at it. His attention span is lengthening with the play.

Video 27M | Video 51M

June 18. Today, with his head and a front foot in the basket, he pushed it all the way across the patio on three legs. stopping only when he bonked into the wall. So funny!

August 4. Peanut's continued play with Mori is extending to the balls in his paddock. Disappointed that a new ball wasn't holding air I got three more. Now there are six :>) It looks like a ball farm instead of a horse farm. Suzanne and I run Peanut every morning and extra balls makes it easier on his lazy days.

The video is pretty jiggly. Keeping him in frame while moving balls around on my end is tricky. At the end, he gets confused. The rules are that, as long as we have a ball in hand or very close by, he has to keep going. When we drop a ball or move away from it, he can stop for his treats. I was temporarily "naked", without a ball, and moved him on anyway. Soon after that, I let him stop but Suzanne didn't realize it and kicked a ball. He popped around a little before relaxing for his carrots.

Playing Ball - 41M video

August 4. I have been planning to do this for a while and finally did it. Peanut went for his first walk around the neighborhood. He was SO good! In the picture, the mailbox gave him a treat, as did the fire hydrant and manure bags we visited later. Though a little leery here and there, he never spooked and was soon walking me to the next area of interest. 

August 14. I have to mow regularly, sometimes with Peanut in his paddock. The first time, he went to his beachball herdmates. Today he went to Suzanne.

Video 19M

The same day, I hooked up the trailer and walked Peanut on. Suzanne didn't even have time to get the camera. We only got the getting off.

Video 9M

September 19. Peanut is 16 months old today, and such a pretty and sweet boy. He is pictured with his friend and playmate Mori the muck basket.


October 28. The beach balls no longer get Peanut moving at all, so trips to WalMart and ToysRUs added to our arsenal. Bopper, bike horn, noisy ball thrower and two super soakers are now old hat. I ordered a remote control helicopter but broke it before I learned to fly it. He thought takeoff was interesting but that was all. What now?

October 30. Mori still gets Peanut going. Yesterday he flipped him onto the air conditioning compressor. He jumped a little when the unit kicked on but quickly returned to his friend and rolled him off. Today he did it again and embarked on a LONG play time. Poor Mori may be terminal after the attacks and Mori III is on the list to go get.

 Video of Peanut Killing Mori 59M
Halloween. The boys dressed up today but none really needed a costume :>) They are their characters. We got tricks. They got treats.

Devil boy

Swamp dog


November 8. Mori III is now part of the family and Peanut loves/hates his playmate just as much as previous Moris.

Video 32M

November 10. Another trip to the toy store yielded a big wheeled remote control stunt car. Peanut was fascinated, a little spooked when it came right at him, but not scared enough to run from it. (It's hard to control on such an uneven surface so don't laugh at the operator.)

Video 32M


November 19. Peanut is 18 months old today. He measures 14 hands at the withers but 14.2 at the butt. Using a weight tape, he's a whopping 840 pounds.

He has learned to carry Mori around by the handles, sometimes trotting or even cantering with him. Here's walk and a little trot.

Video 3M


November 21. This has to be the funniest Peanut/Mori video yet. I'd hate to be Mori!

Video 15M

November 22. With just two horses to look after until the new babies come, neither Suzanne nor I have enough to do or are getting enough exercise, so we decided to get bikes to ride around the neighborhood. At WalMart, we spotted two white with blue Schwinn beach bikes in the garden center that were dramatically marked down and knew we were destined to have these steeds. Chasing Peanut with them was an afterthought of the purchase but boy does it work (probably only for a fews days).

 Video 14M


December 6. Peanut is pretty much over the bikes but he is not over Mori. He is a total wacko some days, including today.

Video 72M

December 12. Peanut has transferred his antics with Mori to his beach balls. I saw it coming but am kind of surprised it took so long.

Today he played with them for at least an hour off and on - granted with some encouragement and dodging.

 Video 39M


December 24. Mori III meets his final demise after much triage.

Video 14M



December 29. Peanut now gallops laps with Mori IV in his mouth.

Video 73M


Click images to enlarge 

January 7, 2012. After seeing all the toys we use to exercise Peanut, my dear friend Jennifer Maxwell in Texas insisted I get Peanut a Parelli "big green ball". Today we introducted it and it took Peanut less than two minutes to figure out what he could do with the ball, including running it, stearing it, pouncing it and falling over it. He was SO entertained and SO entertaining!

Video 1 - 58M | Video 2 - 56M



February 8. Though the big ball is a great playmate, Mori the Muck Basket is still the favorite. Peanut gallops around carrying Mori by his handles, tossing, crashing and crunching him. A big hoppy ball might be fun too! Peanut didn't show much interest at first but today had a blast with the ball.

Video - 76M 


February 13. Peanut has been playing with the blue ball every morning all by himself. When we take the green ball out, he sometimes plays with both.

Video - 4M


February 16. We thought it might be fun to attach Peanut's Valentine balloon to the remote control car and see what he thought of it. Suzanne had the most fun.

Video - 21M

Life changes sometimes at dizzying speed. After more than a year of anticipating the birth of six clones of Marc, they are all dead but one. I can only try to move forward and find a channel for all the love and energy I was storing up for them. I went to southwestern Ontario, Canada, and bought Prince. He is a year older than Peanut, close to riding age. Peanut saved me when Mouse died and I hope Prince will save me now. More about Prince is here.

April 21. Prince was delivered in excellent condition and hours ahead of the original ETA. 

Suzanne, Randy and I completed beefing up the fencing between the paddocks and the two young stallions showed all their stuff.

The Prince and Peanut Show - 35M 


  April 22. After the chaos of yesterday afternoon, it was nice to see the boys play a little and then graze quietly.

I had a spare hoppy ball in case Peanut popped his and blew it up for Prince when he showed interest in a beach ball. Prince has moves Peanut never thought of!

Video 58M

The afternoon session of dueling hoppy balls was nearly as much fun as the morning.

Video 29M


The Demise of the Green Ball

April 23. Prince was not nearly as adept with the green ball as he was the hoppy ball or as good at it as Peanut was even the first time. He managed to kill it while falling over it. A new one has been ordered for Peanut and Prince will have to settle for the hoppy.

Video 39M


Due to the birth of Mystic May 17, the other boys have had limited camrea time.

June 3. Peanut and Prince get each other going, playing with toys, every day.

Wacked Video 19M


June 4. Peanut has been enlisted to mentor Mystic and teach him how to ne a horse. Socializing with Peanut is now Mystic's favorite evening thing, especially since they nibble on each other's itchy spots.

Mutual grooming Video 29M

June 23. Peanut is the BEST big brother!

Peanut and Mystic
Video 10M


June 27. Peanut plays with Prince over the fence.

July 16. I broke down and ordered the boys an EquiSpirit Ultimate ball. It has a heavy cordura cover, a replaceable inner bladder of heavy PVC, and is billed as almost indestructable. These videos are from the second day of play with it when Peanut wasn't terribly interested and Prince wore himself out running laps before he got his chance.

Peanut Video 15M | Prince Video 4M | Mystic Video 4M


August 22. A milestone today - getting all four boys in the same shot 


October 10. Now that we have finally dried out and it's no longer dangerous, we are encouraging the boys to exercise more. Peanut SO wants to play along the fence or engage in mutual grooming.

Video 19M

Mystic and Prince
October 14. Some days we let Prince be a lawn pony and put Mystic in the east paddock for his last hour of morning turnout next to Peanut. Both bigger boys are great baby-sitters. It's amazing how well three young stallions get along. 

Mystic and Peanut

Halloween. It's tricks and treats as the boys pose in their costumes. They loved it and so did I! Mystic wanted to be a gator since he was born at UF. I tease Prince(ss) a lot about sounding girlie when he squeels for his grain so it's tutu and tiara for him. Magnum is most certainly a very hot dog and Peanut, notorious for escaping his stall, is Houdini complete with straight jacket and chains.


November 19. I love my boys! And one of the most fun things to do with them is, after play time, gather them around me for treats. They are sweet with each other, with me and even with Magnum who could so easily be stepped on.

December 27. On really cold mornings, the boys wear sheets when they first go out, to help the balance between the nice warm barn and the outside temps. They are really good about having them put on and keeping them on, somewhat surprising!

January 17, 2013. With Prince working so well on the longe line, I decided to start Peanut doing a little work, ready to back right off if he didn't get it (since he's a year younger). By the third session, he's walking both ways and even doing a little trot. He's really cute when he concentrates so hard.

February 24. Having the camera in hand when all three boys are playing is rare but it happened today.

Boys and Their Toys Video 37 M

March 17. Peanut is so pretty he takes my breath away. Who would have thought it when he was a weanling and SO ugly?

Prince and Peanut share some Spanish moss, their favorite delicacy.

The boys assemble for a snack of Spanish moss.
June 22 and 23. Dr. Katrin Hinrichs, world renowned expert in horse cloning from Texas A&M University, came to see Mystic for the first time since he was an embryo sent from her lab for transfer. We spent the weekend playing with all the boys and brainstorming raising young horses since she has a foal at home too. 

Peanut doesn't always seem totally attentive when he works but surprises me with his very business-like attitude most days. We're trying to start the canter with some confusion.

Peanut Longeing Video 18 M

The rattling of a palm frond really gets him going.

Peanut and the Palm Frond Video 14 M

August 23 & 25. With Prince just starting under saddle, Peanut has expressed a lot of interest in participating. Better right away in accepting the bit, this is his first time in an actual bridle. The saddle is a piece of cake. It will still be a while before I start sitting on him but he enjoys his longeing.

October 17. My dear friend and veterinary ophthalmologist extraordinaire Dennis Brooks and his girlfriend Bo Reich came for a visit. We spent time with and were entertained by all the boys.

< Dennis, Bo, Mystic and Peanut

January 17. I sat on Peanut for the first time today! He's been fine wearing the saddle and with my flopping over his back so on to the next step. Friend and neighbor Bunny walked us a few steps. Peanut was good!

January 21. Today Peanut was nervous when I sat on him, but he can be funny about new things. We made a small loop walking and I got off, praising him profusely.

Jamuary 28. We prepared Peanut a little more today. Bunny led him on a small circle before I mounted and I hugged his neck as I got on rather than sitting up straight right away. He wasn't nervous at all as we walked two small circles. He even steered a little. What fun!

February 11. Peanut is also working twice a week on long lines, only a few minutes at a time, helping his ability to carry himself in a frame. Jerry shot this video.

Peanut on Long Lines 56 M


February 18. After walking us around, I asked Bunny to turn us loose and try to get a picture of me sitting on Peanut. He wouldn't stand still so we made a couple of circles on our own. Not what I intended but he was really good! 

March 11. We are now making circles on the line in walk and for the first time today in trot. Peanut trotted when I asked, walked when I asked and stopped when I asked. I was so proud of him!

Peanut in Walk and Trot! 80 M

April 22. A problem with Prince under saddle and a horrific dentistry appointment that didn't solve it led me to look elsewhere for better care. Enter Dr. Geoff Tucker and his associate Melissa Boettcher of The Equine Practice. Based in Palm City, FL, they travel the state and often the country doing just teeth. Their slogan is "Dentistry Without Drama" and is that ever true!

After I told them a little about the boys, they wanted all three in at the same time and went right to work. Dr. T took Prince, whom I expected to be good, and Melissa tackled Peanut, whom I expected to be difficult since he doesn't like new or unfamiliar things. I stayed mainly by Prince's stall and was amazed to see floats in Peanut's mouth within minutes.


Dr. Tucker with Prince

< ^ Melissa with Peanut

I am so impressed! This team is prompt, organized, thoroughly professional, personable and great with the horses. I am also absolutely confident their mouths are as well done as humanly possible, not just from the sound as floating was finished but from the attitude of the horses. We are all really happy.

Peanut was quite sharp, largely from not having been done before. Prince was moderately sharp, especially on the left where I've been having trouble, and quite sensitive in his lower first cheek teeth, where the bit could hit. Mystic was only checked and put off until he's older.

May 9. Peanut has made steady progress under saddle and is really fun to ride. He takes his job quite seriously and learns fast. This was our second time solo, without Bunny holding the line. The video was shot from a fence post so we are sometimes in and out of the frame.

Video 127 M

August 26. Peanut is doing really well in his work. I am starting, with both boys, to leave the circle and make squarish figures, including some steps in leg yield and shoulder in. Peanut's pretty good at them in walk -- not so much in trot yet.

Video 171 M

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