With the hole in my heart so big from losing Mouse, I decided it might be fun to have a Lipizzan baby in the house while we wait for more Mice to come along. After looking at some nice young horses in Orlando and a baby in the Ocala area, I went to Blue Mounds Equine Center in Wisconsin to look at two weanlings. Peanut came to Florida. He has been a joy from the day he arrived in October of 2010.

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Maestoso Albona
born May 19,2010



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January 17. I sat on Peanut for the first time today! He's been fine wearing the saddle and with my flopping over his back so on to the next step. Friend and neighbor Bunny walked us a few steps. Peanut was good!

January 21. Today Peanut was nervous when I sat on him, but he can be funny about new things. We made a small loop walking and I got off, praising him profusely.

Jamuary 28. We prepared Peanut a little more today. Bunny led him on a small circle before I mounted and I hugged his neck as I got on rather than sitting up straight right away. He wasn't nervous at all as we walked two small circles. He even steered a little. What fun!

February 11. Peanut is also working twice a week on long lines, only a few minutes at a time, helping his ability to carry himself in a frame. Jerry shot this video.

Peanut on Long Lines 56 M


February 18. After walking us around, I asked Bunny to turn us loose and try to get a picture of me sitting on Peanut. He wouldn't stand still so we made a couple of circles on our own. Not what I intended but he was really good! 

March 11. We are now making circles on the line in walk and for the first time today in trot. Peanut trotted when I asked, walked when I asked and stopped when I asked. I was so proud of him!

Peanut in Walk and Trot! 80 M

April 22. A problem with Prince under saddle and a horrific dentistry appointment that didn't solve it led me to look elsewhere for better care. Enter Dr. Geoff Tucker and his associate Melissa Boettcher of The Equine Practice. Based in Palm City, FL, they travel the state and often the country doing just teeth. Their slogan is "Dentistry Without Drama" and is that ever true!

After I told them a little about the boys, they wanted all three in at the same time and went right to work. Dr. T took Prince, whom I expected to be good, and Melissa tackled Peanut, whom I expected to be difficult since he doesn't like new or unfamiliar things. I stayed mainly by Prince's stall and was amazed to see floats in Peanut's mouth within minutes.


Dr. Tucker with Prince

< ^ Melissa with Peanut

I am so impressed! This team is prompt, organized, thoroughly professional, personable and great with the horses. I am also absolutely confident their mouths are as well done as humanly possible, not just from the sound as floating was finished but from the attitude of the horses. We are all really happy.

Peanut was quite sharp, largely from not having been done before. Prince was moderately sharp, especially on the left where I've been having trouble, and quite sensitive in his lower first cheek teeth, where the bit could hit. Mystic was only checked and put off until he's older.

April 25. This was my first riding day after having the boys' teeth done. Prince was lovely to the right and better to the left than before. He was far from perfect but enough improved that I believe we've found the problem and will go forward from here. Peanut, who has been really good anyway, was even better.

April 29. Both boys were even better to ride today.

May 9. Peanut has made steady progress under saddle and is really fun to ride. He takes his job quite seriously and learns fast. This was our second time solo, without Bunny holding the line. The video was shot from a fence post so we are sometimes in and out of the frame.

Video 127 M

July 29. Peanut continues to do well, except when he kind of runs away with me. When he leaves the frame of the video, only the fences stop him -- go figure. Then he goes back to work just fine.

Video 125 M

August 26. I am starting, with both boys, to leave the circle and make squarish figures, including some steps in leg yield and shoulder in. Peanut's pretty good at them in walk -- not so much in trot yet.

Video 171 M

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