Life changes sometimes at dizzying speed. After more than a year of anticipating the birth of six clones of Marc, they are all dead but one. I can only try to move forward and find an outlet for all the love and energy I was storing up for them. I went to southwestern Ontario, Canada, and bought Prince. He arrived April 21, 2012.

 Prince's early life
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Siglavy Haida V
born June 30, 2009


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August 2014 >

January 14, 2014. Prince continues to make wonderful progress under saddle. Here we are solo in walk and trot.

Prince Under Saddle - 172M

February. Our work under saddle is not going well, with Prince getting gradually fussier in his mouth especially. I trust Prince to be honest so I'm backing off and searching for the cause.


March 4. I tried Prince today in a flash noseband to hopefully quiet his mouth and, when he felt he couldn't escape the bit, he stopped dead in his tracks. OK I said. We're going to have your mouth checked.

March 6. Vet and dentist, complete with drugs, power tools and medieval instruments of torture (all of which I hate), found multiple problems in Prince's mouth. I felt I had no choice but to have the work done. After a few days off, Prince seemed somewhat improved but that only lasted one session. The fuss going to the left was getting worse.

March 11. The big crack in Prince's foot has completely healed, thanks to Jerry's expertise and the Matrix Patch. See previous page. It only took four and a half months, pretty amazing.

January 14, after trimming and before reset

January 26, after Prince
ripped the shoe off

February 11, healed enough to go without the shoe

March 11, healed

Also March 11, Jean Nix told me about a vet and equine dentist who practices without drugs, power tools or torture instruments. I called immediately for an appointment. I know from past experience with Dr. Jon Seiler, who did our work at Pegasus in Orlando, that skilled horsemen don't need anything but hand floats to do excellent dentistry, in the process making the horses confident and grateful for the pain relief. I have neglected dental care in subsequent years because I hate so-called "current" methods.

I've kept trying things with Prince, back to the longe line under saddle, walk only, a hackamore, but with no real pressure on him for now and no real success either, content to wait for. . . 

April 22. Enter Dr. Geoff Tucker and his associate Melissa Boettcher of The Equine Practice. Based in Palm City, FL, they travel the state and often the country doing just teeth. Their slogan is "Dentistry Without Drama" and is that ever true!

After I told them a little about the boys, they wanted all three in at the same time and went right to work. Dr. T took Prince, whom I expected to be good, and Melissa tackled Peanut, whom I expected to be difficult since he doesn't like new or unfamiliar things. I stayed mainly by Prince's stall and was amazed to see floats in Peanut's mouth within minutes.


Dr. Tucker with Prince

< ^ Melissa with Peanut

I am so impressed! This team is prompt, organized, thoroughly professional, personable and great with the horses. I am absolutely confident their mouths are as well done as humanly possible, not just from the sound as floating was finished but from the attitude of the horses. We are all really happy.

Peanut was quite sharp, largely from not having been done before. Prince was moderately sharp, especially on the left where I've been having trouble, and quite sensitive in his lower first cheek teeth, where the bit could hit. Mystic was only checked and put off until he's older.

April 25. This was my first riding day after having the boys' teeth done. Prince was lovely to the right and better to the left than before. He was far from perfect but enough improved that I believe we've found the problem and will go forward from here. Peanut, who has been really good anyway, was even better.

April 29. Prince was a star today both directions in the walk and we're starting to trot again. I'm very happy I trusted that he was telling me the truth about the discomfort in his mouth and kept trying until we got it fixed.

July 1. Prince is very quick to pick up on things. When they are positive, he seems a genius and, when they are negative, he can be exasperating. We have had to work through a variety of little issues just to get back to where we were before the problems in his mouth. Even with glitches, he's a lovely guy!

Video - 90M


July 29. One of Prince's strange behaviors was, as soon as I got on, diving at and huffing at his knee, refusing to move along. Carrying a whip and giving him a few taps when he did it pretty much cured it in one session.

Video - 66M

August 26. Having Jerry willing to shoot video when he's here every four weeks is quite interesting! The changes, especially in Prince's frame, are subtle but positive.

I am starting, with both boys, to leave the circle and make squarish figures, including some steps in leg yield and shoulder in. Prince is starting to get the idea.

Video - 196M

Prince's early life
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