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Journal of a
New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts

Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge

The outside temperature is 32F and my ponds water temp is a COLD 38F. I thought you might enjoy this picture of the "Pond in Winter" and the future home of my Victorias, above.

I would like to thank Kit and Ben for the BEST Christmas present I could have received, an opportunity I never imagined could happen to me, the average pond enthusiast who is not a botanical garden!

Now I would like to return to the time (page 1) when I "over-nicked" my seeds (10 'Longwood Hybrid' and 15 'Atlantis').

I have had no additional germination of 'Longwood Hybrid' seeds and have five juveniles, three of which I believe I can bring to full maturity. This is only a 50% germination rate for me and the methods I used. I removed the unsprouted seeds from their baggies and placed them halfway in sand and lost the remaining five. The same thing was done with 'Atlantis'. Two germinating seeds and four seedlings remain. This is a much sadder germination rate, which I might have been able to increase if I had left the over-nicked seeds in their bags.


And now a little bit more about another event of "over excitement". Kit tried to catch me before I repotted several seedlings with first floating leaves (page 2) into potting soil but I had already performed my transplanting task. I have one 'Atlantis' and two 'Longwood Hybrids' growing in a soil mix named Natures Pride "top soil, aged pine and/or hardwood bark fines and other forest products" with no nutrient values given.

This is not a soil mix we would recommend, particularly in view of the possibility of it containing light material! The top soil part is fine. The "other forest products" may be fine if they are loam. Covering it with sand may have saved you from "bark fines" floating out.

I hope to be able to honor Kit's advice and be patient enough and wait until the second floating leaf stage on all remaining seedlings. Could this have been a successful "trial and error"?

Our best guess is that it's beginner's luck :>)



  I am glad to be able to tell you that second floating leaves are forming on the transplants and are following a natural growth process as the filiform leaves shed away. I hope that indicates future healthy growth.

They certainly look healthy!


 And I am very happy to show you that at this time I have a happy balanced aquarium environment, YEA! So when can I add my goldfish? :)

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