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Journal of a
New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge

January 31, 2003

Fish and young Victorias do not play well together. I have removed them from this tank and placed them in my second aquarium after discovering they were eating healthy leaves. I would recommend that everyone wait until leaves are teenagers and covered with thorns before introducing fish. Juvenile Victoria leaves must be very tasty.

After this leaf was affected with "melt" I removed it to get a closer look. I took a magnifying lens and discovered what looks to me to be tiny holes. I am mystified by this and thought it might be an insect issue? I am going to monitor other leaves as they "melt" to see if this keeps happening.

We don't think the holes are from insects. It could be another manifestation of the "melt" or possibly the result of a fungus which can affect leaves if the surface doesn't dry thoroughly.

How is this for size for 'Longwood Hybrid'!
  Current Longwood status is: 1 with 2 round and 1 melting leaves, 1 with 2 large round leaves and 3rd on the way. The third Longwood has lost all floating leaves and is trying to send up a leaf that almost looks like a hastate. It is really a floater that will never make it to the surface. It looks now like I will only have 2 Longwoods for summer.


My only 'Atlantis' once again has 2 floating leaves. What a trooper!>

'Challenger' (below) is 5 seedlings strong. Four currently have 2 floating leaves with new ones forming. One has 3 floating leaves of various sizes.

As for aquarium #2, the home of 'Columbia' and 'Red Flare', that is "a horse of a different color"! I cannot for the life of me get this environment balanced. The water is so murky that I can't establish the health or growth rate to share with anyone. A complete water change is going to be made. Perhaps someone will be able to help me figure this out. I am lost.


Our only suggestion would be to add some other type of plant like water hyacinth or hornwort until the water clears.

I now believe it is time to start thinking about a larger home for my Victorias. Does anyone have any ideas of the best road to take on a shoestring budget?

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