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Journal of a New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge


February 23, 2003

My Victorias love their new home! Leaf size is increasing dramatically! Water temperature is staying at 84F. Water is evaporating at a rate of an inch daily. I'm replacing it to the 9" depth. I believe this to be very beneficial and replicates a fresh water inflow.

Hardness builds up as the water evaporates so just replacing it isn't enough. You will still want to make your regular water changes.

Currently in the new home are 2 'Longwood Hybrids' and 2 'Challengers'. Some leaf loss continues to occur but I believe it to be the result of ageing. It looks like it could get very crowded here also. I will need more real estate for 3 'Challengers', one possible-still-struggling 'Atlantis' and 3 'Columbias'! The third of my Longwoods did lose its battle for life.

You probably want to start thinking about your projected setting out date and decide if you want your bigger plants to keep gaining size or not. You can stall them by not potting bigger for a while or by lowering the temperature in this tank.

Perhaps I should raise the water level higher?

The plants will stretch their stems very quickly to adjust to deeper water. You should decide the level based on the amount you want to heat and change.

The mysterious "film" on the water surface mentioned before appearing in tank #1 is also appearing here. I now know it originates from the Victorias themselves myself as Kit has advised. Makes me feel better.

This Victoria leaf is experiencing some kind of an issue. What could cause this leaf to be curling? Perhaps it is a result of surrounding air temperature fluctuation because of my type of covering?

They do this occasionally. It might have gotten a little damaged, even within the crown, during the move. It doesn't look like a temperature issue - too cool air tends to cause spots.

Victoria's original home, tank #1, looks so sparse and bare now. The remaining 'Challenger' seedlings seem to be struggling. I am hoping they will not have to remain here for much longer. I am sure this tank needs a good cleaning and that may be why they seem to be struggling.  
 They're just lonely :>) They will probably catch up soon.
 My struggling 'Atlantis' seedling.

'Columbia' and 'Red Flare's' home, tank #2, is also getting very crowded!

I must tell you that I had to "rescue" my 'Columbia' seedlings and lower their crowns back into the soil ever so carefully. The spent seeds had worked their way to the surface, separated themselves from the plants and floated to the surface. The crowns were exposed with just roots anchoring and preventing the plants from floating to the surface. Root growth was being hindered by the gravel layer as well as by the fish constantly removing the sand layer from over the soil. I hope a second chance will result from my efforts.


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