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Journal of a New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge


February 28, 2003


Today was another baby step toward growing a mature Victoria. I have advanced 2 'Longwood Hybrids' from 3" round x 2.5" deep starter pots to their new 5" round x 3.5" deep pots. The new pots do have drainage holes so they were lined with a layer of coffee filters and Shultz Aquatic Soil. A 1/2" layer of my top soil was placed on top of the aquatic soil and then I placed a 1/2 of a Pondtabb in each pot and covered again with another 1/2" layer and placed my transplant on top of this.
A "slurry" of soil was made and carefully pored around the crown and plant, tamped down, and covered with a layer of aquatic soil to keep the tank clear. The plants were carefully returned back to their home with a slight rearranging of their leaves to a floating position. Here's to a larger future!

The underside of the leaves have taken on a pink tone and may be an indicator of over supplementation. So I will skip a feeding just in case. I am also concerned about yellowing of some leaves which may also indicate a need for more light. Four grow lights may not be enough so I may have to purchase a shop light soon or add more grow lights. Perhaps I should leave them on all the time?

The pink underside is a sign your babies are growing up! Be sure to feed them their cocktail, especially since you have put Pondtabb in the new pots. Most of the leaves have very good color so you probably don't need to make any adjustment in the lighting.

To stall or not to stall, that is the question.(From last week -- "You probably want to start thinking about your projected setting out date and decide if you want your bigger plants to keep gaining size or not. You can stall them by not potting bigger for a while or by lowering the temperature in this tank.")

Projected setting out date I think would be after June 21st, the first day of summer for Maryland! Pond water temperature should be above 70F by then or should I wait for warmer water? I will only continue to advance my Victorias to their 5" pots and then stall them until this time.

Above 70 should be fine.

I have also placed one 'Columbia' in this tank to give it a safe haven from leaf-eating fish and a better shot at a successful future.

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