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Journal of a New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge

A look "under the hood"!

March 7, 2003

The repotted 'Longwood Hybrids' have transplanted just fine. All new leaves of this hybrid are now very round and a that's signal of maturiting. I rescinded not performing "weakly" weekly feedings and have in fact continued feeding twice weekly "weakly" based on leaf size. Twice weekly water changes of 25% are quite a task in a tank of this size, approximately 90 gallons. It must be done though, from lessons well learned in the beginning. I have been able to remove 10-12 gallons twice weekly, resulting in a 20-25 gallon exchange. I hoped that this is enough. General hardness tests are measuring 7.

Of two 'Challengers', pictured center, one has four leaves and one has two leaves. Each is sending up a new leaf and each is becoming more rounded. Some yellowing, ageing, and/or "melting" are a part of this Victoria experience. As leaves deteriorate they are removed cleanly with a pair of scissors. As you can see two Victoria leaves appear damaged -- they indeed were damaged by one of my four-legged Siberian Husky friends while I was not looking! Ouch!

The tiny floating leaf, almost centered, is that of a 'Columbia', the ONLY 'Columbia' remaining :(





'Longwood Hybrid'


 In Victoria Addict Page 10 I had found tiny pinholes in a Victoria leaf. I have discovered them again in most of my rounded Victoria leaves. Just what or why is this? I have not read this mentioned in the past accounts of discovery and cultivation. Is it experienced by others? Inquiring minds want to know!    
 We still have no idea what could be causing this. Any ideas are welcome!
   My other inquiry was about an "oil slick" or "white film" appearing on the water's surface. I was further educated about this occurrence while reading John Fisk Allen's Victoria Regia. This is what it is like.
This is totally beyond our experience. We didn't understand it when we read it in Allen's treasise and we don't relate to it seeing the image. We do experience the gas bubbles from the soil as plants age but they dissipate quickly. We push the soil down around the crowns to push out the gasses from time to time.

 Starter tank #1 continues to test me and my new knowledge about cultivating Victorias. They can really keep you on your toes and challenge you every day with new experiences. The future of these 'Challengers' is still uncertain and a test of my determination. Don't they get it? I will not give up! The formula of success is 25% twice weekly water exchanges, once "weakly" weekly cocktail supplement, 84F water temperature, and plenty of direct sunlight. Did I leave anything out?
We hope they hear you! Do you have any idea what caused the damage to these leaves? It's odd.
 I still can update you about the "one and only" 'Atlantis' seedling. The leaves are decreasing in size, instead of increasing in size, and that usually is an indication of decline. A curious melting is occurring here. Perhaps I should give it a boost with extra supplementation? Let's hope, with my next update, I will not have to mention a loss and again tell the 'Atlantis' story!  

Even though only one 'Columbia' remains in my stock tank, 'Red Flare' seedlings are going strong. So go 'Atlantis, go! Go 'Columbia', go! And come on summer! Please no more snow! Enough!

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