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Journal of a New Victoria Addict

By Alan Montour with Kit & Ben Knotts
Photos by Alan Montour - Click to enlarge

March 15, 2003

Today I have changed 50% of the water in this tank. The "white film" was severe and even appearing on the leaf surfaces. I even tried to gently rinse this off with fresh water after the exchange and a light film remains. Bubbles formed with this film were even hard to pop! It seems almost like a waxy substance and is very odd indeed. I do not know if this may be oxidation from the tanks -- aluminum construction and my well water combined with the "cocktail" supplement. Very strange indeed!

There may be several things involved here. When we first started using our stock tanks, there was indeed a film on the surface of the water that we attributed to their construction. It went away in time. With adult plants we often see the grainy white "crust" (just like your images) on leaves in dry periods. Though we wash them with pond water and city water, the only thing that seems to dissolve it is rain. We still don't understand or experience the bubbles.

The largest leaf, to this date, is 6", round, and increasing with each new leaf. When one leaf fades, ages, and or melts another is always on the way, a sign of continued good health.    

Largest leaf to date is and 4" oval. More are on the way.


<---- Columbia

My ONLY Columbia and Atlantis seedlings have 2 very small floating leaves.

Atlantis ----->


March 16th, 2003 Emergency!

As a result of completing the 50% water exchange and rinsing my Victoria leaves, something is wrong with them! They have deteriorated overnight. Could it be a reaction to my well water or a fungus? I am losing 5, possibly 6, leaves. I believe this Victoria Addict Update has just become a "What NOT to do"!

What a shame! Could your replacement water or leaf rinsing water have been a substantially different temperature than what was in the tank, either warmer or colder? Examining the shriveled areas, did the leaves dry at all when you were changing the water? When outer areas dry the inner parts tend to sink into the water and can go dark like yours. You are likely to lose these leaves sooner than normal but the plants will probably be OK if the underwater leaves were not affected.

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