Figure 2

.Figure 2. Stages of floral development in Victoria spp.; drawings of median or near?median longitudinal sections (not composite diagrams). A. .Young flower to illustrate shift in meristematic activity from original floral meristem (qm) to peripheral ring meristem Urn). x50. B. Young flower to illustrate meristematic cup formed by the activity of the ring meristem. x24. C. Slightly later stage in floral development than B, showing staminal (st) establishment., x20. D. Young flower to demonstrate locular (1) initiation in region of ring meristem (rm). x17. E. Slightly older stage than demonstrated in D, illustrating locular establishment. x12. F. Young flower showing radial expansion of locular region and ovule initiation. x3. Sepals (s), petals (p), vascular plexus (vp), air canals (ac), stylar process (sp) and floral apex (fa).