Vriesea hyroglyphica


< Bromeliads, epiphytic cactus, ferns and, of course, orchids hang as jewels from every possible support, allowing the careful observer to better understand their ecological niches.

A cut-away display of timber bamboo sets this giant grass into it's proper proportions >


Berlin Botanical Gardens

By Jamie Vande - Click images to enlarge
The bamboo bridge allows one full immersion into the sweltering tropical ambience and provides a wonderful vantage point over Victoria...cruziana, Nymphaea gigantea, as well as various smaller tropical lilies.

Surrounding the main basin are smaller pools, each with a single wild species of Nymphaea...

 N. micrantha

 N. colorata

 N. 'Daubenyana'


Berlin Botanical Gardens by Jamie Vande

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