Noelene Pullen
& Margaret Edwards

Winch Daughters Visit
The Charles Winch Collection
at New Orleans Botanical Garden

Photos by Rich Sacher & Kit Knotts
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In early August 2006, Australians Noelene Pullen and Margaret Edwards traveled to the United States to see waterlilies of their father's, legendary hybridizer Charles Winch, on display. Their first stop was in Florida where, with Kit and Ben Knotts and Darcy and Craig Presnell, they flew to New Orleans.

The Knotts and particularly the Presnells were instrumental in assembling the Collection beautifully grown at New Orleans Botanical Garden by Rich Sacher. Rich, Kevin Joyce and Bill Dailey hosted the group in New Orleans.

The Botanical Garden has made a phenomenal recovery from Hurricane Katrina and provides a beautiful setting for the Winch Collection. The display includes 21 Winch cultivars, many never seen before by the public. Noelene and Margaret were delighted and took many photos to share with their father.


Noelene, Margaret & Ben watch as Kevin fluffs flowers

Craig, Kit, Darcy, Kevin, Ben

Margaret & Noelene >

Noelene & Rich

Margaret, Rich, Darcy,
Noelene, Craig


Margaret & Darcy

Ben & Darcy

< 'Charlie's Pride'


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