Waterlily Images
From the slide collection of and ©
Dr. Clyde Ikins

Tropical Night Bloomers

Digitized by Dr. Jerry Parsons and the San Antonio Botanical Garden
Provided to Victoria-Adventure by Dr. Jerry Parsons and Duane Eaton
Reproduced with the permission of all parties
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   < ^ N. 'Antares'

 ^ v N. 'Dentata Superba'
(N. 'Juno')


    v  N. 'Emily Grant Hutchings' v


^ N.'Maroon Beauty'



 N. 'Missouri' ^ v >

^ N. 'Mrs. George
C. Hitchcock' v





^ N. rubra
(N. pubescens)

^ v N. 'Red Flare' >  


^ N. 'Sir Galahad'

^ N. 'Texas Shell Pink'


^ v N. 'Trudy Slocum'



< N. ''Wood's White Knight'

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