Nymphaea 'Izetta Jewel'
Contributed by Emily Donaldson

Mrs. Izetta Jewell Brown started was an actress in Washington, DC, and later became a West Virginia politician.

1927 Catalogue of Rare Water Lilies, Shaw Aquatic Gardens, Kenilworth DC, page 9:
"N. Izetta Jewel A new hybrid of Gracilis, with rich blue flowers, retaining all the grace of its parent.
The most floriferous of all the blues."

"One of the chief blue lilies in the Shaw gardens is Mr. (Walter B.) Shaw's own lily, called the Izetta Jewell, named for Mrs. Izetta Jewell Brown, who was a frequent visitor to the lily ponds when she was playing with a stock company at Poli's Theater in Washington a few years ago." (From "Four Hundred Thousand Blooms Shipped Away to Market Each Season," by Myrta Cawood, article in the Washington Star, Washington, DC; no date--circa 1930s) 

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