N. mexicana 'Cape Canaveral'

N. mexicana forma canaveraliensis Frase 1958 was first published in Slocum & Robinson's Water Gardening, Water Lilies and Lotuses, Timber Press, 1996. This mexicana is a larger flowered, larger leaved version than the regular N. mexicana usually seen and cultivated. It was collected and taken to Bill Frase from the estuary that now divides the space shuttle launch pads at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL.

This name cannot be considered as valid under ICBN rules since it was not accompanied by a description in Latin. As a "selected" form of the species, it falls under the rules for cultivars in the ICNCP. It must be given what is called a "fancy" name, one in a modern language with capital letters and single quotes around it. Bill Frase named this selection of N. mexicana 'Cape Canaveral' and met the requirements of acceptance in Pond & Garden, Volume 3, Number 2, page 67, 2001.

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