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Provenance provides the history of and chain of ownership of plants pictured on this web site. Each image in the cultivar and species galleries has been researched to the best of our ability for accuracy. We have asked contributors of images to provide information about where they obtained or photographed plants pictured to further insure accuracy. Print references for waterlilies can be found in the Bibliography of Names. Images have also been reviewed by acknowledged experts. When possible we provide this provenance from the hybridizer, back to the hybridizer or, for older cultivars, back to an expert source.

Why is providing this information important? There are a huge number of inaccurate images on the Internet and, unfortunately, a huge number of misnamed waterlilies and other aquatic plants being sold, traded and grown. If you are interested in knowing that the plant you are growing (and possibly passing on) is true to its name, you need a reference you can trust. In our galleries, we have compiled thousands of images from many of the world's leading authorities and best photographers; Provenance pages provide the credentials of the people and the plants.

For convenience of the reader, Provenance pages open in a new window when clicked from the Species and Cultivar Galleries. They are not linked back to the galleries. As a result, the pages in this Index are not linked to their respective galleries but are provided here as a matter of interest. At this time, Provenance pages are not provided for species and cultivars with only one image available though each has provenance in our files. In the case of several hybridizers who have provided all the images of their cultivars, provenance appears on the Gallery page.

 Provenance of Waterlily Images
'Alba Candidissima'
alba 'Plenissima'
alba var. rubra
'Albert Greenberg'
'Almost Black'
'American Beauty'
'American Star'
'Amethyst Splash'
'Andre Leu'
'Anne Emmet'
'Apple Blossom Pink'
'August Koch'
'Aviator Pring'
'Azure Dawn'
'Barbara Dobbins'
'Barbara Barnett'
'Baroness Orczy'
'Bayou Blue'
'Bella Vista'
'Berit Strawn'
'Bernise Ikins'
'Bill Frase'
'Bill Yohn'
'Black Princess'
'Black & Blue'
'Blue Anemone'
'Blue Aster'
'Blue Beauty'
'Blue Bird'
'Blue Daisy'
'Blue Mist'
'Blue Spider'
'Bory de Saint Vincent'
'Brakeley Rosea'
'Burgundy Princess'
'Carla's Sonshine'
'Carolina Sunset'
'Caroliniana Nivea'
'Caroliniana Perfecta'
'Charlene Strawn'
'Charles de Meurville'
'Charles Winch'
'Charlie's Choice'
'Charlie's Pride'
'Clyde Ikins'
'Colonel A.J. Welch'
'Cynthia Ann'
'Darcy Jane'
'Day Glow'
'Delaney Pete'
'Dentata Superba'
'Devin M.A. Medeiros'
'Director George T. Moore'
'Eastern Moon'
elegans 'Willie Frase'
'Elysian Fields'
'Emily Grant Hutchings'
'Enid Frase'
'Eternal Flame'
'Evelyn Randig'
'Fire Crest'
'Florida Sunset'
'Floyd Wohlfarth'
'Fritz Junge'
'Furio Ersetti'
'General Pershing'
'Georgia Peach'
'George L. Thomas'
gigantea 'Albert de Lestang'


'Gloire du Temple sur Lot'
'Gold Medal'
'Golden Fascinator'
'Golden West'
'Green Smoke'
'Gruß an Potsdam'
'H.C. Haarstick'
'Hal Miller'
'Hazorea Dagan White'
'Hofgärtner Graebner'
immutabilis subsp. immutabilis
'Ineta Ruth'
'Isabelle Pring'
'J.C.N. Forestier'
'Jack Wood'
'James Brydon'
'Jennifer Catherine'
'Jerusalem Dawn'
'Joey Tomocik'
'Joseph Baynard Shearouse'
'Judge Hitchcock'
'June Alison'
'Karl Epple'
'Karolina Scheufele'
'Key Largo'
'Key Lime'
'King of Siam'
'King of the Blues'
'La Vésuve'
'Larp Prasert'
'Laura Frase'
'Laydekeri Fulgens'
'Laydekeri Lilacea'
'Laydekeri Purpurata'
'Laydekeri Rosea Prolifera'
'Lemon Chiffon'
'Lemon Mist'
'Lily Pons'
'Lindsey Woods'
'Little Sue'
'Love on Fire'
'M. Evelyn Stetson'
'Madame Ganna Walska'
'Madame Wilfron Gonnère'
'Mangkala Ubol'
'Margaret Mary'
'Marian Strawn'
'Marliacea Albida'
'Marliacea Carnea'
'Marliacea Chromatella'
'Marliacea Flammea'
'Marliacea Ignea'
'Marliacea Rosea'
'Maroon Beauty'
'Mary Mirgon'
'Mary Patricia'
'Maurice Laydeker'
mexicana 'Cape Canaveral'
'Miami Rose'
'Midnight Embers'
'Midnight Serenade'
'Midnight Sun'
'Moon Beam'
'Moon Shadow'
'Mrs. C.W. Ward'
'Mrs. George C. Hitchcock'
'Mrs. George H. Pring'
'Mrs. Martin E. Randig'
'Mrs. Robert Sawyer'
'Muang Thummanoon'
'Norma Gedye'
'Obergärtner Graebner'
'Odorata Helen Fowler'
'Odorata Luciana'
odorata subsp. odorata
'Odorata Suavissima'
'Odorata Sulphurea'
odorata subsp. tuberosa
'Odorata W.B. Shaw'
'Orange Sunset'
'Patio Joe'
'Paul Hariot'
'Paul Stetson'
'Peace Lily'
'Peach Blow'
'Peaches and Cream'
'Perry's Baby Red'
'Perry's Crinkled Pink'
'Perry's Double White'
'Perry's Fire Opal'
'Perry's Magnificent'
'Perry's Pink'
'Perry's Pink Beauty'
'Perry's Strawberry Pink'
'Perry's Super Red'
'Perry's Viviparous Pink'
'Perry's White Star'
'Perry's Wildfire'
'Peter Slocum'
'Pink Cactus'
'Pink Flamingo'
'Pink Opal'
'Pink Passion'
'Pink Pearl'
'Pink Perfection'
'Pink Pumpkin'
'Pink Ribbon'
'Pink Ruby'
'Pink Sensation'
'Pink Sunrise'
'Princess Elizabeth'
'Purple Zanzibar'
'Pygmaea Alba'
'Pygmaea Helvola'
'Pygmaea Rubra'
'Queen of Siam'
'Queen of Whites'
'Radiant Red'
'Raspberry Sorbet'
'Ray Davies'
'Red Beauty'
'Red Cup'
'Red Flare'
'Red Cup'-'Red Flare'
'Red Rocket'
'Red Spider'
'Red Star'
'Red Queen'
'René Gérard'
'Rhonda Kay'
'Robert Strawn'
'Rosanna Supreme'
'Rose Arey'
'Rose Magnolia'
'Rosy Morn'
'Sally Smith Thomas'
'Sandra Lynn'
'Shady Lady'
'Shirley Bryne'
'Sir Galahad'
'St. Louis'
'St. Louis Gold'
'Stan Skinger'
'Star of Siam'
'Star of Zanzibar'
'Sunny Pink'
'Temple Fire'
'Teri Dunn'
tetragona 'Joanne Pring'
'Texas Dawn'
'Texas Shell Pink'
'Trail Blazer'
'Trudy Slocum'
'Vanilla Sky'
'W.B. Shaw'
'Walter Pagels'
'White Colorata'
'White Delight'
'White Sensation'
'White Sultan'
'William McLane'
'Winter Sun'
'Wm. Falconer'
'Wood's Blue Goddess'
'Wood's White Knight'
'Yellow Dazzler'
'Yellow Princess'
'Yellow Sensation'
'Yuh Ling'

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