Provenance of
N. 'Missouri'
(Pring, 1932)


Perry D. Slocum photo: Perry Slocum is an acknowledged expert in the identification of waterlilies.

Dr. Clyde Ikins is an acknowledged expert on the identification of waterlilies.

Kit Knotts photos: I received my original plants from Rich Sacher, American Aquatic Gardens, an acknowledged expert in the identification of waterlilies, in 1999 and 2001 and I have grown it continuously from tuber since that time.

Craig Presnell photos: I received my 'Missouri' from John Loggins, Lone Star Aquatics, an acknowledged expert in the identification of waterlilies.

Note: 'Missouri' is known for its large size and the "crepey" texture of the flower petals. Seedlings or unknown whites are frequently sold or traded as the true cultivar.

About Provenance

Provenance provides the history of and chain of ownership of plants pictured on this web site. Each image in the cultivar and species galleries has been researched to the best of our ability for accuracy. Print references for waterlilies can be found in the Bibliography of Names. Images have also been reviewed by acknowledged experts. When possible we provide this provenance, from the hybridizer, back to the hybridizer or, for older cultivars, back to an expert source.

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