Waterlily (Nymphaea) Seed Request Form

Desired shipping date:

Foreign requests include customs and agricultural instructions for your country here:

1. I agree not to sell the seeds provided
2. I agree to all provisions of the Material Transfer Agreement enclosed (if required).


Name (printed)




Please send me:  Check to request Lot # (for our use)
Hybrids of unknown parentage  
   Tropical day blooming  _________   _________
   Tropical night blooming  _________  _________
   Tropical day blooming Anecphya (difficult)  Not yet available  _________
   Hardy  Not yet available  _________
Species - recommended for experienced growers    
   Select from list  _________  _________
   Species with provenance (select from list - MTA required)  Not yet available  _________

Within the US enclose this form, a small self-addressed padded envelope with postage equal to the amount required to send it, and a properly executed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) if required. Please do not send cash, checks or metered postage.

Outside the US, enclose the form(s), a small self-addressed padded envelope, a money order in US$ for return postage and any expenses of meeting the requirements of your country (i.e. Phyto-Sanitary Certificate). It is the responsibility of the recipient to provide us with your country's Customs and Agricultural requirements. Enclose a properly executed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) if required.

Requests with incomplete information or inadequate postage will be discarded.

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