'Longwood Hybrid'
from Sun

Happy New Year!
from our garden

Kit & Ben Knotts
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'Wood's Blue Goddess'
in Victoria

All of these photos were taken in our Cocoa Beach, Florida, garden January 1, 2008, about 9 am. The day bloomers are largely hybrids of N. ampla, which typically open early, close late, and go right through our winter. Night bloomers are much paler than in summer.


Victoria cruziana continues to
bloom in Reflection, as does
V. 'Adventure'.

Young Victorias in bud in Treasures


'Rachel Presnell'

'Caliente' | 'Avalanche' >



N. ampla and its hybrids in the Pod Pools

Sun, Moon and Stars >

'H.C. Haarstick', 'Red Flare',
Tobago Red

N. gigantea 'Albert de Lestang' >

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