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August 26, 2005 - Over the last week, several plants displayed their first flowers that are really fun to see "in the flesh".

Charlie's Blush

Charlie's Golden Cup

Charlie's Violet Wonder
The bigger plants in Dune are progressing nicely, though are not up to size yet. The bigger 'Camelot' finally produced a flower though the next buds are still distorted. The good news is that the buds now emerging look normal. The little ones continue to bloom even floating.



'Regal' is finally blooming in Dune and on a floating plant. Both are so cute! As for 'Blue Aster', the larger one is blooming but smallish yet. Two small ones shut down enough to replant so they are a week or so away from "disconnecting" the tubers. 'Senorita' is coming along though I have no small ones of it. The tuber remains quiet.


< ^ 'Regal'
Still August 26 - Yesterday and today the duneside ponds are taking a beating in the high winds, outflow from Hurricane Katrina. Flowers look pretty tattered but the plants are fine.
September 3, 2005 - All the bigger plants are blooming, 'Camelot' with flowers from normal buds! I floated the small 'Charlie's Blush', 'Charlie's Violet Wonder' and 'Charlie's Golden Cup' a few days ago but they are blooming anyway.




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