Web Journal of Assembling the Winch Collection
Images by Noelene Pullen, Kit Knotts, Craig Presnell

Color palette of possible lilies as of 10/19/05 for the Charles Winch Collection.
Includes the new cultivars sent by Noelene and Margaret 10/16. * indicates new - ** indicates iffy
(These images do not enlarge when clicked but can be found in the Victoria-Adventure Galleries.)


Anne Emmet

Anne Emmet #4 

Apricot Delight

Aussie Blue



Blue Aster

Bobby Dazzler 


Charles Winch 

Charlie's Blush

Charlie's Golden Cup

 Charlie's Pride

 Charlie's Violet Wonder




*Julia Russo

June Alison

**Kit's After The Storm

Lisa Jane 


Mark Pullen



*Paula Louise 

**Pink Cactus

Sally Smith Thomas



White Delight

White Fleck


April 15, 2006 - The competition plants made it through the winter fine, even blooming! They grow happily right in the middle of Dune.

April 26, 2005 - Since Craig has successfully propagated each of the cultivars, these plants will remain here in Florida. Repotting for maximum summer growth is next!

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