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Hardy Waterlilies

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Plant your hardy waterlily at the edge of the container with the crown pointed at the center of the pot. The rhizome portion should be just buried in the soil with the crown of the plant at soil level. It may need to be anchored with a rock or something else heavy but remove the anchor as soon as new roots prevent the plant from floating out of the soil. 

Soil can be anything readily available but avoid potting soils which contain light materials that will float away. Fertilize regularly during the growing season with tablets designed for aquatic plants. Hardy waterlilies rarely need to be repotted in the growing season unless they ramble out of their pots. They can be very happy rambling if there is something on the pond bottom for them to grow in.

Division of a hardy waterlily

Rhizome of a hardy waterlily
 Hardy waterlilies grow by way of woody, horizontally rambling rhizomes. Along the rhizomes, most varieties will produce little "eyes" which can produce new plants. When new plants are produced, they can be divided off and grown separately or left with the main plant to provide an even more spectacular display.

"Eyes" along a rhizome

 To divide, take a sharp knife and cut the new plant with a small portion of the rhizome from the main plant. Check to be sure all the tissue is firm and healthy. If not trim any decaying parts off.

Growing from rhizome will produce exact duplicates of the plant from which you have divided it. If you want to grow from seed, the results will be varied.

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